Irish Catholic Priests Have No Social Skills 

I’ve encountered too many priests in my time who are good and Orthodox but they have no social skills. 

They’re incapable of interacting with the world and for this reason they’d be better suited in a cloistered monastery as perhaps they have the vocation as a contemplative monk not a worldly priest.

Many priests don’t know how to be clever when they meet young people. They don’t know how to engage them and draw them in. 

For example they use methods and converse the way they would with fellow priests who already know the ways of humility.

Many young people are consumed by the world’s philosophy that you’re supposed to feel good when praised for your works and feel bad when you’re told you could do better or when no praise is given. 

Me and you both know that philosophy is rubbish and the priest knows it but the young person standing before you showing you his best efforts at drawing a picture of Jesus and Mary doesn’t know it. 

Therefore I’m inclined to praise the person who drew the picture. Why? Because every warrior knows that within reason you use the enemies weapons against him. 

In this way like the angels who entered into Sodom and Gommarah disguised you too go undetected. Otherwise when you show too much to soon and say “Well it’s ok could be better but I would probably draw it again”, you give the devil a foothold and he attacks the person and they flee from you and become bitter because that’s what the world has taught them. It’s not their fault. They’re victims of a worldly philosophy.

So you see a clever priest whose vocation it is to act in the world will know how to behave in this situation. 

On the other hand a priest whose a great priest but has no training in how to deal with young tank top Maggie who loves her TV, nights out on the town and wearing little short skirts will inevitably end up scaring her away and doing more damage. 

And thus the bit where Jesus says those who scatter the sheep are not with him comes into play. 

Gathering the sheep isn’t easy but it isn’t made easier when you’ve a priest with zero social skills. 

In Ireland many priests come from a well to do family from the countryside. They lived a half decent life protected from the world and brought up in an environment less hostile than reality. 

This can play a big part in the social interaction of a priest. I’ve always noticed the priests from a sinful background seem to be more clever in their social interaction and this because they too were once like these people. In other words they know their enemy. 

Know your enemy or go into a monastery and fight him that way because you’re doing more damage than good fumbling about the world with your big joyless sour face on ya. 😂😂😂

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