The SSPX Is A Dangerous Group 

The SSPX are a far right traditionalist group in the Church who want to go back to the pre Vatican II days. 

Their group Is a reaction to the diabolical behaviour of many priests and laity who have deformed the Liturgy to such an extent that it is resembles something protestant. 

Even though the Church is recently began to come to terms with the SSPX, their group is still made up of individuals who are of a fundamentalist mindset. 

The devil sees you wandering in the desert Thirsty for God and Holiness and along comes the SSPX to fulfil that desire but mixed in with the honey is that little bit of poison  that would have you lose your soul. 

In the third secret of Fatima Lucia talks about how the pope is Being shot at and killed with arrows and bullets. I thought this was odd. My spiritual father told me of this. 

I came home from that visit thinking about it. What exactly are these bullets and arrows? I thought to myself arrows are an old weapon whilst bullets are modern. 

It suddenly dawned upon me that the arrows represented the traditionalist/fundamentalist movement and the bullets represent the modernists who have butchered the Liturgy and want a more liberal doctrine. 

The Pope I thought doesn’t just represent the one pope but perhaps many popes in these times and is a representation  of the papacy itself which is under attack by both parties. 

The dead bodies represent the many souls being lost due to this division as they get pulled either right nor left. 

This because a divided house cannot stand. It’s roof will always give weigh. 

These people think they’re doing great and even though it looks and sounds great yet they still possess an unholy desire to do holy things.

Don’t allow the devil to pull you into these groups because they attract people with a very dangerous mindset that will kill your spirit. They also attract nice people who are looking for the mystical that they’re not getting in their local RC church but trust me once the devil leads you down that path you will end up worse than you were before. 

Many of the people who go to them are heavily intellectual and usually wealthy or social ladder climbers of the middle class who are attracted to intellectual discourses on this doctrine and that canon. Self styled experts. 

But there’s no light in them because God does not make his way into a crafty soul that thinks himself wise. 

I heard a monk say once that when he began to argue the resurrection and get very logical gradually his heart saddened and the light disappeared from his cell. 

If you want to keep your lamps lit and ready for the bridegroom, be sure to give the SSPX a very wide berth. 

Pray your rosary and stay on the path. Don’t venture from it. 

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