Root Canal Surgery

I’ve had one of these before and I’m fine and nothing wrong with me. Recently I’ve had to attend this Dentist three times already and will do so yet again for fourth time in the coming weeks in relation to a root canal not quite going as planned.

I have whats known as a dying nerve. Simple procedure but it was infected yet he decided to work on it anyway ($$$) and I didn’t protest because I just wanted the pain to come to an end.

Well, it still hurts and so I went in for a third time on Friday and he says that since the nerve has been completely taken out of the tooth he won’t need to use any local anaesthetic.

I’m like well ok you’re the dentist. So in he goes to one tricky canal with the fine pins and that one tricky canal that has a hair pin turn in it where his instrument can’t reach he hit it.

The pain several times as he tried to root up there with no anaesthetic was horrible. Afterwards my pain was worse and the whole left side of my face was numb with pain all day yesterday as I tried to photograph the rally for life in Dublin.

The dentist said this shouldn’t happen and that it may be a cracked tooth I have but it really doesn’t look like it. He said that we may have to look at other options of what I might have if upon the next visit it has not disappeared and that I will have to go to a specialist.

So right now this whole saving of one tooth is costing me over €1000 inc vat. A part of me now wishes that I just pulled it and saved up for a screw in instead.

Listen to me complaining. All the sick people in the world dying of cancer or at the hands of ISIS and yet here I am complaining about a root canal.

Stupid isn’t it?


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