Treat Your Home Like Constantine Did The Hagia Sophia

When you look at the Hagia Sophia it’s actually very militaristic looking. It almost resembles that of a fortress and Constantine built it that way and to this day, although no longer in his hands whilst he reigned nobody could get through its walls.

You must treat your home in pretty much the same way in the sense that you must build it that nobody can get in. You must build walls of Faith, Hope and Love so that it is so unshakable and is firmly set upon the rock of virtues.

You must vet and screen everyone who comes in. Never ever allow anyone who is not religious into your home or that you know to be someone you don’t ”know” fully yet. It takes me a long time sometimes years before I warm up to someone completely even if they’re genuine Christians in the end and not a threat.

If you need to meet someone let it be elsewhere other than your home. Don’t fall for the ”Jesus sat and ate with sinners” as he did so in THEIR house. Also Jesus is God not a worm like me or you filled with weaknesses beyond description.

Your battle is not against the people who approach your family or knock on your door but the powers of darkness that use various means including people to wear you and your family down and to break it up into little pieces.

Did you read what I just said there? read it again because that’s what the enemy does, he ”wears you down”. Gradually you lose your soul, it never happens over night.

Like the Hyena and the jackal he watches for his opening and then takes a little bite here, a little nibble there and before you know it he ultimately sets up shop in your home.

Therefore always look for an opportunity to avoid inviting people over who are not of the same mind as yourself. You have a family to take care of and raise Christian. Leave that kind of work to the missionaries and the Christians with no such vocations.

Take a look at the monastery. They have guests but they also have a threshold. It is this threshold that nobody is allowed to cross into their sacred space. That space belongs to them and you should also have boundaries set up like this but unlike the monastery the boundry begins right at the doorstep for every Christian home.

Why did the Hagia Sofia fall to the devil in 1453? Because like Solomon they were found ”sleeping” and the devil is always waiting for you to just doze off and fall asleep before he pounces. Therefore keep watch, keep the lamps ( virtues) lit and keep the incense (prayers) burning because when they go out and you fall into a sleepy state, then he like the Hyena he is, he begins to creep closer and closer and closer and closer.

Careful who you let in your home. Remember you are warriors preparing your children for their own battle before you leave this world and it’s up to you to pass on the armour, sword and shield to keep them safe from a world that is increasing in evil and will be worse than what you experience now.




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