My Dream Of The Devil To My Spiritual Father And Michael The Archangel

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I don’t know how our discussion went from one to this but he asked me about the attacks of the demons.

I said well the usual, he attacks me by using other people, through memories of the past and other conceptual images. I let him in because my prayer life is so weak. Being married is much more difficult to give my full attention to God and so the attacks are more frequent.

However with regards to supernatural annoyance I have a reoccurring dream since the 8 years that God had taken me to himself, it is very rare and always the same dream. I’d say 5-7 times I’ve had it.

The last time I had it was a few months ago. The dream is I’m being pulled down to Hell. I instinctively go to call out to St.Michael with the Catholic prayer ”St.Michael the Archangel defend us in the day of battle” etc etc but then he wont let me say the prayer. All of a sudden I feel I can’t breathe and I’m trying to pray it.

I manage to just get out the words ”Michael The Archangel” as I’m fighting him from preventing me to speak and as soon as I get out the words I immediately wake up in bed in a cold sweat at around 3am ( the hour they say when the most evil is committed).

He asked me why I thought this dream occurred and I said because when God sees how much I am lacking in my prayer, perhaps he sends it to me as a reminder of all that took place when we first met and not to lose track. It’s his way of giving me a shake.

My father replied that Yes, then he slammed the table with his fist on each word ”that and the devils trying to shut you up because he knows.

It’s always the same dream, it is so frightening that not all the scares and scary movies I’ve had throughout my life could amount to the fright. The dream feels more than a dream, it’s like I’m there in spirit and its a real occurrence.

I don’t see Michael or anyone. I don’t even see the Devil but what I do see is kind of like if you see flames and because you’re falling that fast it appears like those colors on a painting whose colors is running and smudged.

But once I fight and fight and I feel my mouth being shut tight I feel the devils presence and the loud screeches, it’s a very powerful presence but when I fight to get the words out and I scream it so loudly and in such fright ”Michael” I feel his grip loosen and then I immediately wake up without even finishing the prayer at all.

The manner in which I wake up is in a very heavy sweat and immediately not like you do in the morning where it takes you a while to wake up. When I wake up it’s as if I’d never even fallen asleep.

That’s how strong prayer to Michael the Archangel is. It’s very strong prayer. You should pray it.


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