Dear Secularist This God That You Worship, I Know His Name

In the Book of the Acts, St.Paul is taken into the Areopagus by the Athenians and invited to speak more about these strange teachings of his.

So he stands before them all and in a clever introduction begins to point out how religious they are in all things. He says:

”In fact, as I passed along and observed your sacred monuments, I also found an altar with this inscription: ‘To an unknown God.’ Therefore the one you revere in ignorance, this one I announce to you!” (Acts:17:23)

How true is this for us today? Many worship God in ignorance but they don’t know it. They are looking for God and the desires God gave them are going to misuse just as they did for the Athenians.

Our desire to Love and live in a compassionate society, to reach for something greater in life. The desire for ecstatic union with something beyond our visible world. The thirst to worship and congratulate one another are all there it’s just we are ignorant of the true meaning of Love and happiness and all these things.

Our objects of worship such as drugs, alcohol and each others body for sex to try and achieve this happiness and Love (which is God) all convey a secular nation who worships God but wrongly and in ignorance.

When the Holy Spirit is absent, we try to replace him with so many different things and life is a struggle and full of anxiety because it’s all false and a transient joy and happiness. These transient thrills don’t last and so we struggle in anxiety to keep filling that hoover bag that has a hole in it. It’s never ending.



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