How We Feel In The Presence Of God Will Determine Our Distance From Him. 

Sometimes the Lord Draws us to himself but then He allows us to enter sin, to be come distant from him like the prodigal son and the good that comes from this is we get to feel the difference. This is spiritual guidance from God himself so that we may be able to see then our own faults. 

Like the prodigal son we begin to feel the fathers absence and like he felt unworthy in his presence we feel this too in Gods presence. 

When I was first coming back to Church and I entered one I felt a great distance between me and God. I knew my sins were so big that when I prayed there was an awkward feeling which presided over me like a dark cloud. 

I’m out of place here, I don’t belong. But the more I prayed the more God would gradually pull me in. Like a man cast on an island I was determined not to allow the thought of remaining there forever consume me and so like the prodigal son I swallowed my pride and went in search of my father. 

Then you enter the epiphany and all is good but then God grants you the grace to leave him again and he withdraws himself. 

In this way you can tell the difference in your spiritual progress. It also humbles us less we become content in our existing relationship to the exclusion of others and feel we deserve it when we are most undeserving. 

Have you felt the great distance between you and God yet? 

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