The Origin Of Depression

I was once introduced to an Irish writers videos and writings. I don’t really read an awful lot of him and had only learned about him via social media and news outlets.

He received a lot of stick by the media and country when he claimed that depression wasn’t real or something to that effect. I got where he was coming from immediately but many did not even clergy of the Church who understand depression to be something that needs treated with drugs and is a very real disease.

Without a desire to cause anyone any spiritual harm who are reading this and suffer with depression, I would strongly advise against taking me as your adviser and that if you are on drugs you should continue to advice of your current doctor.

Depression comes from the demonic. If you’re not spiritual or religiously inclined it can hit you even harder because of your ignorance of the attacks of the devil.

This rattling of your spirit by the Devil also has a large effect on the body and so you can enter a tiredness and become rather lazy. Some people find getting up to go to the fridge for a glass of water can be severely difficult.

There are many origins of ones depression but the greatest origin is ourselves. In fact I would prefer to say there are many influences out there that nudge us towards depression but we are ultimately to blame for our own melancholy. Now be careful here ok, this is the point where you should stop reading because it may do you more harm than good as it contrary to everything the world has taught you.

St.Maximos the confessor says that a mans achievements is basically power, riches, esteem and to be praised and have a great reputation in every walk of life and this exists even in mother Churches clergy.

But the monks achievements is the free rejection of all these things. Now Maximos explains that if a man gains the monks achievements against his will and loses everything such as power, riches and the approval of others, he is at great risk of falling into a deep melancholy and of even killing himself. Maximos says many have done this.

So why would a man kill himself over gaining a monks acheivments which are supposed to make you happy?

For centuries man has not changed. The cultural setting has changed as well as certain languages and ways of doing things but ultimately man has always sought power, prestige and riches.

The reason man feels the way he does when losing these is because his intellect has been sullied and brainwashed into believing that he needs all these things its as simple as that.

For example, do you remember when you were a child and there was something you really wanted and were convinced would bring you eternal happiness? Perhaps it was a video game or a special kind of pair of shoes. Ok so how much desire do you have for it now? None and if you were told that you couldn’t have today you wouldn’t care because the shoe no longer fits haha. You grew up and became an adult.

Well believe it or not that this is the way adults behave today, like little children who have yet to get rid of their toys and grow up, that is to say their prestige, self esteem and desire to be rich and powerful.

Take away the toy from the child and they begin to cry their eyes out and enter into a deep melancholy because they falsely believe that life is not worth living when without these things.

The words used in the Gospel about the wealthy man who wouldn’t give it up to follow Jesus was that he was ”sad” and couldn’t do it.

We are slaves to a system that is constantly offering us false happiness and unless we drop our toys and begin to see the reality of the false philosophies we have been taught since we were young then depression will eat away at us all the more.

Understanding it won’t get rid of depression but it will help us to cope more. What will really get rid of depression is a disciplined life of prayer (and graces obtained from it), schedule and physical activities. Drugs are necessary I would say only when it is severe and the condition of the person is critical.

But I do believe that depression isn’t really real in a sense because we get depressed over things that are illusory and false. We are told we need friends and if our friends reject us we should feel sad and feeling sad is justified. ILLUSION. We are told that if we don’t make the grade and graduate high school that life is over and we will lose the approval of our wicked parents and suffer. ILLUSION. We were told that if the love of our life dumps us because we are too fat that we somehow MUST feel sad. again this is an ILLUSSSIOOOONNN.

It’s not real and it’s not true. The power to be happy exists inside of you. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us but like a spark ignites the tinder to create a fire, so too prayer ignites the Kingdom of Heaven within us. But we must give it time and be diligent.

Depression will come again no matter what spiritual stage you are at in life but without knowing what really eliminates it and it’s origins and how it’s triggered we will never be able to understand it for what it is and thus let it come, and then let it go.




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