The Lemon Dance


Over the years I’ve noticed the difference between the rich classes and that of the poor in Ireland. One thing in particular would be how the Church behaves towards both.

With the shortage of priests that already exists I’ve noticed the more orthodox of them are sent to rural parishes or wealthy neighborhoods whereas the dissident rubbish priests are sent to the really poor areas.

I come from a very working class area myself but I’ve also got to shamefully admit I’ve an enormous amount of life experience about me in which I’ve met every class of people from the really poor to the rich elite.

I know what makes them tick and the great chasm of intellectual prowess that exists between them. This is why it remains for me pretty clear as to why the Orthodox priests are sent to one parish whilst the less orthodox and in fact down right boring priests who have lost the faith are sent to the working class areas.

You see in the rich areas the people wouldn’t put up with the rubbish homilies and poor performing priest so he gets sent to the poor suburbs.

As I’m poor I’m well aware the amount of smart people who have made changes in the world and came from a poor background. Yet, even so and at risk of insulting my own background I’m we aware that the poor are easy prey for the secular ideology.

So as soon as a less Orthodox and faithless priest moves into a rich area and letters of complaints arise (the poor very rarely would complain in writing to their bishop) the bishop then does whats known as the lemon dance. This priest is a lemon and so he must be moved to a poorer parish where he won’t be so easily seen as a nuisance.

We wont discipline him, we wont defrock him because there’s enough shortage of priests so I know what we will do, we will move him somewhere else and this will alleviate the pain of those breaking their hands to write us a letter.

Meanwhile when an Orthodox priest moves into a poor area and truly becomes a source of salt in the wound and driving people crazy enough to start a bit of a riot, he will then transfer him to a more rural or rich area where he won’t be so much of a nuisance.

This is just a theory of mine mixed with some evidenced truth I’ve heard from other priests but it remains to be one possible explanation for the noticeable difference in the priests I encounter both in my own original poor area and that of wealthy ones.



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