Catholic Media Culture 

I’m not impressed by this media culture even though there’s many respectful people who work in that area. 

I think if you want your spiritual light to be gradually extinguished over time, then allow yourself to become consumed with church gossip and politics. 

Newspapers online and offline of a Catholic nature are of no use to our spiritual progress. They are like everything else created for “entertainment “. There can be some thoughtful pieces in them that can be edifying but the poison outweighs the honey. 

By nature we are weak and tend to favour the meaningless gossip over the real thing. For this reason better to avoid it altogether. 

Most people who create these website and jobs for themselves is so they don’t have to work in the world and are incapable of doing so. They want to work with people they know won’t be a challenge to their faith. Who can blame them the world is a tough place but do you really want to take advice from someone who runs away and hides his talent to preach and work with the choir ? 

That’s all most of these Catholic Media outlet attracts is troubled Catholics who’ve yet to put down their toys and move on to the next stage of their relationship with God. 

Stay away from them I tell myself. You’re better off. 

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