Did Nature Intend Us To Be Monogamous?

This post was inspired by what I heard recently about a man who claimed that nature did not intend for humans to be monogamous. Furthermore his argument was that monogamy was man made and forced upon us by draconian laws.

This is actually a common secular argument and at first sight you would think it makes sense because by nature we are lustful humans. We often fall victim to the idea that lustful thoughts of other women and our attachment to sex with just about anyone somehow means this desire that is out of control means nature intended it that way.

We often talk about nature as if it’s some beautiful thing that can do no wrong. This is not true. Nature is indeed beautiful but can deliver you some difficult blows in life and many people are born with various illnesses ranging from the physical to the mental.

That said, when humans are not in harmony with nature it often turns against them.

Many claim that polygamy and having sex with anyone we desire is natural but if that is so, then why does nature turn against us when we do engage in these relationships? By this I mean why do we get sexually transmitted diseases which is achieved only through sexual intercourse with multiple women.

This fact alone (getting a sexually transmitted disease) proves that nature did not intend for us to be in multiple relationships.

But let’s focus more on the desire we have to have sex with women other than our spouse. These lustful thoughts and desires we give in to because we feel that as we are too weak to control them, that they somehow we are justified in thinking nature intended this. Right? WRONG.

For example many people are born with the alcoholic gene but this does not mean they should act upon this simply because nature delivered them this blow as the consequences can be fatal and result in a damaged life and body.

Therefore those born with this gene need to exercise control and self mastery in order to be able to truly appreciate what the natural order intended for their bodies.

We are all born sinners and extremely fallen. The whole idea of grace is that through grace we align ourselves once again with what nature intended for our souls and bodies. When we venture outside of this circle and rebel against nature it gets nasty with us and we are landed with a nice big sexually transmitted disease.

So like the alcoholic gene, just because we are born sinners with lustful desires does not mean we should act out on them.

The secular free love philosophy that we can engage in sex with whomever we want, that nature intended it this way, and as long we are not hurting other people in the process of our actions collapses. The argument collapses because it does hurt people not just on a physical level with regards to diseases but also on a spiritual level in relation to the soul.

Such a warped philosophy really darkens the intellect and damages others because it promotes a falsehood which the world acts upon and thus perpetuates not only the falsehood but sexually transmitted disease also.

With this in mind we can see how a vicious circle is created. First we have the Lie and deception and secondly we have the diseases that follow. Lastly we have then the vicious circle in which we transmit (no pun intended) our lies to the next generation.

Nature has it’s rules and its high time we begun to stop fighting her and the God she was created and ordered by.

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