About Me

Name: Domestic Monk

Age: 32

Sex: Yes please

Occupation: Salesman

I am an Irish Christian of the Byzantine persuasion. I am 32 years old married to a devout Roman Catholic and Father of two sons. If you are looking for a Holy man you’ve mostly likely come across the wrong blog and maybe you should be looking elsewhere for your ”Guru” fix. But if you’re prepared to wrap a towel around your head, drink a mug of tea and become immersed in this blog of bad grammar and bad writing, you’re more than welcome. I’m genuinely interested in seeing just how long you’ll last here.



15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just read your blog post of Dec. 17 and although it seems inappropriate to “like” the post, I did just to let you know that tomorrow while I’m visiting my patients (I’m a registered nurse), I will be praying for you and Audrey. Grace and peace to you and your family.

    • The Domestic Monk

      Thank you so much for remembering Audrey in your prayers. It is ok, I did not see liking the post as inappropriate but rather an acknowledgment that you were listening and caring. Thank you and God bless you. 🙂

  2. We are just now praying a Novena to John Henry Newman for a priest, Canon John Redford, who has done much to educate Catholics. He has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, with a six-month prognosis. He is happy with whatever outcome ensues, but we need him to continue the work of teaching and writing which he does so well – he is connected to the Maryvale Institute where he has worked for some 20 years, probably longer. (It doesn’t look out on a graveyard …..)

    And now I will stop and say a prayer for your wife.

    • Thank you Mrs/Ms Ann Couper Johnston. I will of course pray for Fr.John Redford and his healing. I remember I was going to apply for theology class at Maryvale institute a couple of years ago. Thank you for reading my blog and taking an interest. Your input and comment comes as a great blessing and consolation to me.

      In Jesus and Mary

  3. I’m a little confused—though not surprised—by your assessment of Vericast. Vericast is the most balanced brand in Catholic media, bar none. We are angry at things Catholics should be angry over, but are afraid to be angry over. We say things Catholics want to say, but perhaps don’t know how. We do not obsess over issues the way many brands do, and we don’t ignore the hard issues that everyone in the Church else ignores (including at the parish level). We aren’t afraid to tell people the things that “conventional Catholics” shy away from telling them, out of fear of offending people. We speak the Gospel, and we voice the Catholic mind. To take issue with what you hear on Vericast is to take issue with Catholicism, not Vericast. And that isn’t arrogance, it’s the truth.
    If you take issue with our style, that’s entirely your choice, and I sincerely respect it. Style is very subjective. I can see people not liking our style, and I don’t care for the style of, say, Catholic Answers (though I like what they do). That doesn’t make it bad, and I realize you aren’t saying that it does. But it seems to me your negative opinion of Vericast is strictly based on your issue with our style, not our message. That’s very unfortunate. You label us as “trads” but we take traditionalists to task all the time. Most of our “hate mail” comes from so-called “trads”! You liken us to Michael Voris, yet you A) Fail to logically exhibit why he and his team are objectively problematic (statements are not arguments) and B) Why they are fundamentally or substantially similar to Vericast. So what you’ve given your readers is a baseless opinion, unsubstantiated by anything but drama and supposition. You’ve effectively underserved your readers, mislead them, and possibly kept them from what may very well have otherwise been a very positive influence for their spiritual and intellectual development as Catholics in an era of the Church where RCIA programs, Religious Education programs, homilists, and “establishment” Catholic news outlets have grown very proficient in lip-service but provide the faithful with absolutely no knowledge of the faith, it’s traditions, its history, its tenets, etc.
    The fact is, we’re nothing like CMTV (Voris’ group) and I’m sure they’d say they’re nothing like Vericast. What we have in common is that we aren’t afraid to tell the truth. Is that why you don’t care for us?
    You also take issue with my/our use of the words “Stupid” and “Moron”. Again, this is more of a reflection on yourself than it is on Vericast. Christ was far more harsh in his language than we are. He called people “sons of the devil” and that monologue in John 8 was extremely harsh in biblical terms. St. Paul called the Galatians “foolish” and “stupid”. The book of James has words like “ignoramus”. John the Baptist (and St. Paul) called men “villains” which today isn’t such a heavy word, but at the time it was practically vulgar. We call the moronic “Morons” and we call stupid people “Stupid”. Not that they are stupid, or moronic by their nature, but because their intellects are disabled. And when people with disabled intellects are leveraging a product of that intellect against the Church/faith/God, their intellect is entirely operative in exposing the illegitimacy of their rhetoric. Contrary to the—flawed—modern understanding of the term, these are not “ad hominem” attacks. Neither was it an ad hominem attack when John the Baptist called Herod’s wife a “whore” (the actual word that was used in the scripts). So I think the question needs to be asked; which one of us has the flawed understanding of what the Truth is and how it should be spoken?
    While we are pouring our own money into our apostolate and struggling to make ends meet, we’re meeting atheists and anti-Catholics (including trads) head-on on the front-lines while you sit at your desk battering the reputations of the few Catholics who are doing the real, hard work. You started your article with “Love is patient”. But Love is not empty of truth, it proceeds from it. And the truth is not patient with that which offends God. Lucifier’s single act of defiance resulted in war being waged against him, without a moment of patience. Yet on earth, too many Catholics who are called to reflect the celestial realm meet defiance of God with inaction, and they reason it away by calling it “patience”. St. Francis was patient, yet he was known as “the hammer of heretics” because his patience did not stifle his boldness.
    Last note on something you wrote “Please ignore [Vericast] altogether, its really bad and a spiritual time bomb of destruction” Really? A spiritual time-bomb of destruction? How odd! We have sent people back to confession after years of absence. We have inspired/provoked the reversion of MANY long-lapsed Catholics. We have directly influenced the conversion of at least 2 agnostics (that we’re aware of) and possibly a 3rd as of just this past week. We build up those who feel broken down. We draw protestants and atheists to the show, and they come on a regular basis. The spiritual fruits that result from Vericast are numerous and provide a mountain of evidence that flies in the face of your ridiculous closing assessment. The next time you’re feeling clever at a keyboard and want to write horrible things like “It is am absolute blight upon the church and is doing it much harm.” ask yourself how many souls you have saved. Then ask yourself how many have you misguided by leveraging as fact your completely subjective, limited, uninformed opinion of Vericast. Honestly, you should be genuinely ashamed of yourself. May God forgive you, and may He be with you.
    Tim Haines (Not afraid to put a name behind my words)

    • I made a new blog post in reference to your comment. Please refer to my blog home page for this.

      God bless

    • Have never heard of Vericast, but what I read was scary! What on earth could be meant by boasting about how many souls ‘they’ have saved? There is only one Saviour and he isn’t going to approve of any man, or group abrogating his power of salvation to themselves, or congratulating themselves on how many souls they have ‘saved’ from destruction, compared to someone else, or someone else’s group. Smacks of Philistinism to me and comes across as arrogant in the extreme. That is man’s religion and nothing to do with the grace of God.
      No wonder Stephen goes on to talk about his fear of controlling groups!
      Bring out the garlic cloves!

  4. What precisely is a Byzantine Christian ?
    I have never heard of it before so perhaps you would be willing to explain it to me ?
    Is it another Catholic contraption to hide the fact that you are a Papist ?

    • Most Orthodox I encounter don’t mind using the term Byzantine Christian to describe themselves as most eastern Catholics don’t mind using the same term to describe themselves. I used to use the term Byzantine Catholic but because I’m in between churches and don’t know who to go with ( Orthodox or Catholic ) I have reduced myself to to the label of a Christian with Byzantine theology. So I’m neither a Papist nor a non papist, I’m just thinking about it all. It’s a bit warped to some but God I believe is being patient with me, some would say too patient. Thanks for dropping by. Stephen.

      • All I can suggest to you then is that you use a KJV Bible.
        At least you will not be using any corrupt texts / MSS.
        Only a suggestion.
        Catholicism is NOT Christian btw.

      • I beg to differ but I am not prepared to argue that with someone who has already made their mind up. God bless.

      • Steve

        You are about byzantine as a donkey. Stick with the roman catholic church. Not all eastern catholics are byzantine: e.g. a maronite, an eastern catholic, cannot call themselves a byzantine christian.

      • No but Greek Catholics can call themselves Byzantine Christians. Why should I stick with the Roman Catholic Church when I’m not Roman Catholic?

  5. I read your “I want to delete my blog” post and it wouldn’t let me comment. Which probably means you don’t want anyone commenting on that one, but tough luck, I’m commenting anyway! I’ve had all the same thoughts and actually full-on deleted my Facebook account (came back to set up a public figure page, but that’s it). And I have all the same doubts. Is what I’m doing worth it? But for me, I have this voice inside me that says, “Just write.” Doesn’t matter if no one reads it. I just feel I need to. I don’t know if you have that, too. Maybe I’m just starting out and am naive. I haven’t really tried extra hard to pursue my blog until recently. But if you have the spiritual gift to do what you are doing, it would be a shame to bury it. Maybe blogging isn’t where it should blossom, but somewhere. I’ve been encouraged reading your posts, but that’s probably just because I seem to be somewhat in the same place you are in life. But maybe it’s because you really have a knack for this. I guess only you can discover that for yourself. Anyway, whatever you do, God bless.

    • No I didn’t ban anyone from commenting. I don’t even know how to do that. Why do you want to write, is it because you want an audience? Why do you want an audience is it because you think you’re a spiritual father with great advice? These are questions I’ve asked myself. Nothing wrong with writing but my desire to have an audience for that I find troubling. I could easily make this blog secret and out of the public eye but I don’t. I don’t because I stupidly think either I’m a know it all or am doing some kind of good by presenting myself to the world as an ordinary joe who just wants to show people there’s a nicer side to the church. We are not all yuppies and not afraid to put our unholy selves on display. I don’t have a gift, I don’t have a knack for writing. My posts resemble some sort of rant on facebook with all the grammatical errors you can dream of. However I’m here for now. I just write myself, I don’t really think that anyone would want to read this dreadful blog but there are some, however they’re often Catholics looking for some sort of guru to cure their illnesses. I hope you don’t think I’m one of those because if you believe what I say and don’t question it you’ll end up in more trouble than before you came here. take everything I say with a pinch of salt. Don’t be gullible. God bless.

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