Eucharistic Ministers In The Roman Catholic Church

I refuse to receive from a Eucharistic Minister or a lay person unless in cases of emergency.

I think the idea that they’re needed because the priest needs a little ”help” is ridiculous. Why a group of 100 people cannot wait in line for communion with one priest at the rail gives me cause for concern for this current snowflake generation.

A Greek friend of mine told me about the Bishop of Constantinople who served a group of over 10,000 people and the chalice did not leave his hands once.

In addition to all this the whole female ministers has a very protestant feel about it does it not? It’s obvious that the progressive side of the church are trying to push for a female priesthood and it’s invention of altar girls and female Eucharistic Ministers is evidence of this.

This is why every single time I look at these ministers I can only see the people who are behind it which is many. I’ve met them and they are in high positions within the church even the local head of the diocese who is head of education here confided in me in secret meeting with him all these things.

I’ve chased these people in Mater Dei Institute on what was being taught on a parish level, and I’ve been googled by the mater dei institute shortly afterwards. The search terms I found in my stats was ”Stephen Mc Elligott Theology” and the source? ”Mater Dei Institute”.

I’ve really annoyed these people in the past but I’ve thrown in the towel. It’s too big of a fight for a small time guy like me and they’re much stronger than us on the ground. So much cover up goes on it’s not worth the hassle.

Another reason not to receive from Eucharistic Ministers is that many of them don’t go to confession or have an understanding of mortal and venial sin and the need to confess this like the priest does. Therefore many are just approaching the Eucharistic in less than desirable conditions. I know it sounds judgmental but if you spent five minutes with some of them you’d understand my concerns. I receive from the Priest because that’s whose job it’s always been.

The Roman Catholic church is a very difficult one to navigate but the Eucharistic minister although permitted was most likely given permission by the Pope under much pressure from the liberal left in the church the same as with altar girls.

There’s a lot of dangerous men in the church. When I say dangerous I’m talking about clergy you’ve shaken hands with and you’ve no idea who they actually are behind the curtain. They are a silent lot and they don’t like me because unlike Michael voris and the rest of them, I’ve done a lot of damage to them behind the scenes with my letters and emails. However they’ve always managed to find themselves a way out which is why I just gave up.






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The Benefits Of Masturbation

People often talk about the benefits of masturbation. Doctors will often prescribe masturbation as something to relieve ones anxiety.

Does an orgasm help with stress and anxiety? Of course it does but so does some medication and other natural remedies that I wont get into naming here.

Will an orgasm eliminate anxiety and depression altogether? The answer is no it does not. Like medication to relieve a headache that’s all it does, it just offers relief but nothing else. There is no cure in it.

Now for peoples contention towards Catholic teaching on this subject. They argue that because masturbation offers relief of ones anxiety and like the fruit in the garden of eden, remains to be seen as something good, that this should mean it’s perfectly ok to masturbate.

”I just masturbated and nobody got hurt, the sky didn’t fall in and I continue to be a normal every day human being.”

Fine, but we’re not called to be normal because normal means you’re just following everyone else and the dictates of the flesh. We are called to become abnormal and challenge the status quo.

Lets go back to the benefits of an orgasm. Nobody argues this but the context in which an orgasm is achieved does not mean it’s the appropriate way to do so. If we were to look at it through a scientific and natural way, the spilling of ones seed is a waste. Even if you’re down at the local sperm bank, the experience of pleasure outside of it’s natural context isn’t healthy.

Why is it not healthy? Because even though the sky doesn’t fall in on us and the earth doth no quake beneath our feet, its a warping of the natural truth. That’s it and on a physical level that’s ultimately the harm it does.

The greater harm it does is that it offends God and it puts our soul in jeopardy. Only those reading this who have developed a relationship with Christ and his Church will understand this which brings me to my next point.

When I came back to the Church I didn’t have a hard time with this teaching because I didn’t think it was relevant anymore. Like anyone else sure it did me no harm and I masturbated in the morning and in the evening and whenever I felt that itch to do so. And that’s what it is for a man, a very hot and annoying itch that we feel the need to scratch.

I would literally pray a rosary at night then I’d masturbate and then go to sleep. I did that every night for a long time. All of a sudden as my relationship and desire for God grew likewise the desire to masturbate began to relinquish.

The more I prayed, the less and less I masturbated until one day I woke up and made a resolution never to masturbate again. Guess how long that lasted? Right ok.

But although our masturbation may not entirely dissipate, our understanding of it being wrong increases and so the realization that we need to confess this act that warps nature and offends all of heaven becomes the center of our attention. Why? because our relationship with God has grown and we never want to offend a friend, brother and father do we?

What have we learned in this post? That masturbation whilst it’s outcome (the orgasm) benefits our mental health, that there are loads of other methods that also benefit our mental health which does not mean we need to masturbate. The orgasm is beneficial but the way in which it is achieved actually is not beneficial as it only reinforces the warped view of sexuality and an enviroment which becomes like a hoover bag with a hole in it. It offers relief not a cure of our anxiety.

Furthermore for those of us who develop a relationship with Christ, Masturbation degrades our nobility before him. That’s right, we are of a noble lineage, a holy priesthood and so when we act outside of this it is like The prince of a country getting caught acting like a buffoon and becomes an embarrassment to the kingdom. It also means he puts his entitlement to the throne in jeopardy.

It is no different for Christians as the most horrible part about it is we put our souls into major danger when it is we behave in such a way unfitting for the kingdom so as to see us being refused entry.

Although masturbation may not be something we are able to shake off, it is better to understand it first for what it really is, and once this is achieved we will find it become like a weed that begins to fade over time with Grace. The weed may spring up every now and again in the garden but God sees our effort to go to confession and keep the garden clean of weeds. It’s this that makes all the difference.





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The Catholic Church Is Going To Get Worse

People often like to shine a light at least somewhere and they’ll say things like ”well…my parish is not like that” or ”the priest in my parish is a very Holy man trying to restore Holiness in the liturgy.” I don’t deny they’re telling the truth and there exists a remnant out there of ”Abels” who are please to God and whose blood and persecution by the Cains in the church cry out to God.

It was said by someone that the last days began at Fatima in 1917. Like for real officially began. Since then we’ve had the wonders of Garabandal and then of Medjugorje.

In between these visions foretold in Scripture of the last days both in Joel and in Acts where we are told that our young ones will have visions, a lot of the destruction in between these visions is visible.

World wars, communism, 9/11 and so much more since 1917, seems to point towards an accumulation of a great pile of rubbish. The cup is overflowing since Garabandal it really is.

How then, do we propose a church that’s changing? Things are bad and though it may seem cynical of me to say so, the church is changing for the worse. Things are just going from bad to worse to the lowest of the low. Will it get better? Of course it will, throughout history the church has gone through some difficult eras and times. Sometimes a country goes atheist and then it comes back to it’s senses. Russia is a prime example of this.

I see a pimple that is only half grown and not yet fully matured, but when it has it will pop and God will clean up the mess. There will be redness, soreness but eventually it will fade away and a new era will begin.

However I think that this era is going to need a miracle of all proportions and that one is of Garabandal. Listening to Conchita it sounds like this is the miracle from this appartion and this visible sign that will bring Europe and the world over back to our senses.

Somethings coming but when we’ll never really know until it happens. Therefore in our own blindness its important not to wait now but with confidence approach the Lord and ask forgiveness and change our hearts whilst there is still time.

May God have mercy on us.



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Holy Awakenings

holy-waterYou have heard it before the phrase ”Rude Awakenings” but the other morning I experienced somewhat of a Holy Awakening.

It was somewhere between 5am-6am on Good Friday morning. It’s my day off work so I’m looking forward to having a nice sleep in. Well…Jesus had other plans to start my day.

I awoke to a wet finger touching my face and poking me on the cheek. My eyes slowly open and I hear the mutterings of words ”Bless you, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Again the blurry figure no higher than a dwarf says it ”I bless you, in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit.

As my eyes adjust and regain focus I notice it is my just turned 4 year old son who for the third time pokes and splashes me on my face saying ”I bless you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”


I look at the bottle of Holy water he is using and it is from the Greek Orthodox Monastery of St.Irene in athens. I had filled it here over 4 years ago from their well in the ground.

A part of me wasn’t happy because I said to him that’s dirty and has gathered loads of green inside of it since filling it. But when I looked again the whole bottle was chrystal clear because I had forgotten I had filled two bottles. One was remained clear whilst the other one went green and funky for some reason.

I was wondering how he knew it was Holy water because we never really used it at all if ever opened it. He’s the first to open it as it just sat at the back of the dresser gathering dust.

What was the Holy Spirit saying to me? I would like to think of the scriptural passage:

And he cometh to his disciples, and findeth them asleep, and he saith to Peter: What? Could you not watch one hour with me? Matthew:26:40

Jesus often comes to us in supernatural ways to speak to us directly or give us a supernatural experience with the intention to cement us into life with him for whatever reason. St.Paul needed it and some of us just need it.

However my favourite way in which God talks to us is through the actions of a little child. I may be sitting on the couch and my son will approach me with a rosary or Jesus prayer rope and hand it to me. He doesn’t realize why he’s handing it to me but I know why.

I love it when God approaches me through my wife and offers me encouragement. I love it when Jesus gets up from his seat on the bus and asks me to sit down. Or we may be in a large queue like I was the other day waiting in the windy, irish cold and rain to gain access to the ATM and he approaches me for help as an old man on crutches really drunk and asks me ”Can I skip the queue son?” and I let him skip it and get his money out. I watch Jesus drop his cards and I pick them up for him and he goes to put his money in the bank and is taking forever because he’s too old to use it. He’s putting all my training to the test and seeing just how patient I am.

Most of all, I love it when Jesus approaches me through my wife and sons. The reason I like it is because a little part of me knows I must be doing something right if my sons can read the bible and are praying over their father at such ripe ages of 4 and 6.

I think of all the parents who justify giving their children mobile phones and laptops because they never had those things growing up. Then I look at my own son kiss the tomb of Christ and receive Him today on Holy Saturday with such reverence and I see me giving my children something I never had when growing up. I’m shedding tears now just writing this, tears of joy? I would like to think so.

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Catholicism And Modern Art

It’s not that I dislike it as the headline suggests but what it has transformed into. The only way I can describe Modern Catholicism is how I’d describe modern art. It’s just a stroke of paint on the wall, it’s not art its way too simple to be art. You can’t just put a pair of glasses on the ground and call it art.

Catholicism like modern art has become void of all substance, meaning and the mystical. In its quest of compromise with the secular/pagan world in order to help bring about an easier conversion by making life easier for us all, it has become further disconnected from a world that already despises it.

Today I revisited this pain when I went to my local church at 3pm. They spent 10 minutes saying prayers for Good friday which consisted of the Divine Mercy chaplet at 3pm and then they all went home. I got back in the car and said to my wife ”You know down in the Greek Catholic and Orthodox parishes in Dublin they’re only getting started and ours is over already?”

Afterwards there’s no community. No coffee or chance to socialize like in Orthodox parishes. Everyone just makes a dash for the door and it’s considered to be an end to the obligation.

I almost felt like I should have just stayed at home and lit some candles to have our own 3pm Holy Hour.

Tomorrow I plan to go to my Ukrainian Greek Catholic parish an hour away in Dublin. I just can’t go through easter without experiencing some kind of closeness to God. The Roman Catholic Church just fails miserably at any attempt to lift a soul off the ground and bring it to God via the Divine Liturgy. They don’t even call it Divine Liturgy which has a much better ring to it than ”Mass”. The word Mass means nothing it’s mad.

I know it sounds mad, even Jesus I bet thinks it sounds mad when we say this is the church that’s the true Church.

Tomorrow I will be greeted by the smell of incense, singing, chant, imagery and tradition in which body language also plays a part in our prayer towards Christ in the tomb.





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How To Prepare Your Child For Warfare

You may not think it, but every single Christian is a spiritual soldier engaged in warfare. Do I sound like a crazed redneck gun lover putting spin on Christianity to militarize it? Maybe I do and I do like my guns but no that’s not what I am at all.

The warfare I speak about is different. The weapons and strategies to win this war are completely different in comparison to how we would understand war to be.

In a real war such as world war II which my grandfather fought in from beginning to end (he was a british soldier) there was a lot of suffering. in the midst of all this hell there was also moments of peace. People preferred those moments over and above the necessary killing and warfare that ensued such beautiful moments.

It is the same in the world. The world is a battle ground and whilst it has it’s beauty and peaceful moments our goal really isn’t to make earth our home and bed down for the night. Our final resolution is to work out our own salvation and lay down the blueprint that will see us get out of here alive and well.

In this fight to save our souls and others there will be more suffering than peaceful moments I guarantee you that. Take a look at the apostles during the transfiguration in the Gospel. They wanted to stay put and build tents for moses and elijah and live happily ever after in ecstasy. Unfortunately for them they had to be brought back down to reality  and into suffering again.

So what does our children have to do with this? Well their bootcamp begins in the womb and training doesn’t stop until the job is done and they’re either married or religious and at very least a very spiritual and talented Christian in whatever profession they choose.

Read them the Bible, behave Christian around them as much as possible. Take them to mass regularly.

Ok so you get all this what’s new? well for a start, most parents don’t ever teach their kids mystical theology. They never sit them down and show them the difference between Us (Christians) and ”Them” (The secular world). This is why their kids roam around the city getting into all sorts of trouble because whilst prayer and Mass are good, the kids are lacking someone to educate them so that they can make sense of it all and the fight between us and the powers of darkness.

It is my plan when my son reaches 12 years old that I will sit him down and discuss with him a very serious mystical theology of the early fathers both Orthodox and Catholic church fathers. I will train him how to think in the spirit and not by himself. Don’t believe people who tell you they think for themselves as such people live in a delusional world. Everyone always thinks under the influence of others and forms convictions based on what thought may be popular. I wont get into that right now but teaching your child a heavy mystical theology early on is healthy.

Going from sexual sins and that of the flesh right up to spiritual sins and those of the heart and how to avoid them is important. For boys sexual sins are going to be tough ones especially in our sex crazed society today. Therefore boys will need our closer attention. Women on the other hand are more emotional and so they need training in how to control that. Women often read romantic novels and engage is whats known as emotional porn.

Men are more aroused by the physical and so as the teenage years approach proper training in the theology of the body and how it all works is crucial to a more clean and safe journey through adolescence.

So at age 12 it may seem heavy but I highly recommend you plough through the philokalia, St.John of the Cross and Catherine of Siena books. Mystical theology is missing in the church today, If we were aware of this more we may change our lives around a lot sooner.

Children need guidance and it’s very important you do not become a blind guide because that’s how most children sadly wander away from the faith, Most of these young people lacked the guidance at a young age. Give it to them because Jesus in the sergant and we all will have to give answer for those men we lost on the battlefield through our own negligence.









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The Roman Catholic ”Childrens Liturgy”

I’ve always avoided this at Roman Catholic Masses and I’ve written about it here before I’m sure of it. But the time has come to have a good old rant at it again.

Last week a woman approached me with the invitation to bring the kids to their childrens Liturgy which I politely declined. ”No thanks my kids wouldn’t be interested in that”. Nice lady but it’s not the time nor the place either to explain why I think the childrens liturgy its a ball of horse manure.

You’re going to suspect I’m being a legalist with what is about to follow however there’s legalism (please see my most recent post before this on legalism) and then there’s necessary intervention that has to do with the salvation and formation of ones soul. I will speak about why it’s a good idea and why its a bad idea.

The children’s Liturgy is not a liturgy so you should stop calling it that for a start. They go back there to talk about the Lord and todays reading and to color in a few pictures. They are removed from the Mass and into the sacristy. The priest greets them on the altar with a childrens bible and off they go. A Liturgy has a priest present at it.

A Good Idea 

It’s a good idea to discuss today’s Gospel with children and draw pictures in a group.

A Bad Idea 

It’s a bad idea because it removes them from the Mass. This is the Sacrifice of the Mass and the children should be present for the duration of it all. Yes their little minds should endure the mundane sometimes not clever homily of some of the priests. After all why should only the parents have to suffer it?

Joking aside children need to learn discipline and most of all attend THE mass and not be removed from it. It’s like its a creche for the parent incapable of coping with a difficult child. I can see the parish council meeting, I don’t have to be there to see how they come up with this. Basically I bet it’s something along the lines of ”parents needs a break from those children.

Parents are unable to enjoy Mass and listen to the Gospel and homily because little jack keeps running up and down the isle and throwing tantrums. We should therefore create a little space for the parents to enjoy the mass.

Guess what? It will be great for the kids because they will be more focused in a group of their own and learn a lot about the Gospel that they wouldn’t have done when at the Mass before the priest whose homily they don’t understand (neither do we parents as it happens).

It sounds so good and as a parent so tempting to just bite into that forbidden fruit because it looks so good. It’s a really good presentation but guess what? It’s still theologically wrong and even scandalous to remove them from the Mass.

This woman had to ask me for my children. Only two sundays previous another woman asked but nobody ever asked before. In my days of attending these masses nobody ever asked but now it suddenly dawned upon me that nobody is going to them anymore. This is why they ask because nobody is giving their children over to it anymore.

They’ve copped on perhaps that it’s wrong who knows? But this is the thing with modern progressivists in the church and my diocese is extreme in its liberal theology. Their ideas which they put into practice only ever end up being attended by themselves. They die eventually of their own accord. It’s kinda like what St.Pauls teacher gamilieal said about the Christian movement that if what they’re doing is the truth it will spread and nobody will ever be able to stop it. But if it a lie it will die of it’s own accord like all the others.

It’s the same with progressive movements in the church. The really ugly modern buildings looked and sounded great in the 80s as did all the guitars and folk music. People latched onto the idea in the beginning but eventually it began to die over the years. Now young people are hungry for the mystical in the church of which they’re still not getting.

So they look for it elsewhere perhaps in the Orthodox or Greek Catholic churches or they find it in sects like sedevacantism and the SSPX both groups of which are an enormous pain in the ass and just the opposite extreme to the other.

So where do we go from here? Just what is the solution to the childrens Liturgy? Have it after mass and see how many parents are interested. But of course this was probably brought up at the parish council ( a council of lay people most of whom havn’t seen the inside of a confession box in years and most likely don’t believe in it. ) ”No we couldn’t have it after mass because nobody would go, we’ll have it at mass that’s the best time”.

So what then is the solution here, To stop having a children’s Liturgy altogether?





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Palm Sunday: Did You Welcome Him With Joy Too?

We all live out Palm Sunday at some point in our lives. All of us welcomed the Lord into Jerusalem (Our hearts, souls and minds) in the beginning.

Up on cloud nine rolling around like a pig splashing in the mud rolling around all the rosaries, crucifixes and bowls of incense. Visiting every church that we come across. No desire for conversation with anyone unless it’s about…..JESUSSSSSSS. Yeah that’s a perfect description of us all.

Then when the dust settles, some of us either are on the verge of becoming a mystic, or a crazy (like me) and even turn on the Lord and abandon him altogether.

For others we go on a retreat and we are so high on the Graces that Jesus showers upon us that we love and forgive everyone their faults whilst confessing our own. Then we arrive home from pilgrimage only to turn back into a monster that avoids Jesus at every turn.

One could say we are always welcoming Jesus and rejecting Jesus in a sense.

Hosanna in the Highest!!! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosanna in the Highest!!! Yes great, but do you really welcome Jesus in those who represent him today?

Jesus comes to us many times throughout the day in those whom he loves. This could be the atheist, muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc etc but do you welcome them, or…reject them, avoiding them altogether?

Sometimes we welcome people who are of benefit to us. Perhaps they’re a millionaire and we want to form a relationship with them in the hopes they will cure our poverty?

When you think about it, that’s what the people who welcomed Jesus at first thought. They thought this humble man on a donkey was going to be of benefit to them. He would perform the miracle and make this roman empire disappear and they’d be freed from oppression. It wasn’t until they realised they weren’t getting what the wanted that they turned on him in the end.

We do the same, like the people did with Jesus here, we welcome people only because we want to use them. We never see them, only what we can get out of them, whether that be money or emotional comfort all we see is ourselves but rarely do we see the person or Jesus.

What I’m asking you is to look hard yourself and ask the question, Am I welcoming Jesus, or am I just looking for him to answer all my prayers. If after a few rosaries I don’t get a shiny new car I’ll turn on him and abandon him. We’ve all been there.

God bless





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Legalism In Some Priests

It still exists. There are times when the blessed Sacrament becomes more important than Jesus himself if that makes any sense.

I was in the dominican Friary for confession today. I happened upon a man who travelled from the Holy land to set up shop selling religious items for when mass ends at the back of the church. He’s obviously been given the permission to do this.

No doubt he was told he could come in but how was he to know the Blessed Sacrament would be there? He has to set up shop before Vigil Mass begins but just before then the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is happening.

He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. The priest comes down and scolds him, ”You can’t be doing this in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament on the altar.

I thought to myself, ”Dear God, it is times like this when their misguided love and understanding of you becomes more important than you. Will they ever learn?


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Are You Thinking Of Studying Catholic Theology? Please Read This Before You Do

We all want to gain a better understanding of our Catholic Faith. I don’t think there’s one of us here who would say otherwise.

The more we learn the teachings from Catechism right down to Canon law and deeper still into some heavy academic studies, our closeness to God will multiply. At least this is the understanding many of us like to hold onto.

Lets propose the idea however that Catholic teaching and our desire to learn it is a distraction to deflect the real problem that resides deep inside us.

Could it be that we are more focused on understanding the teaching of the church as opposed to gaining a deeper knowledge of who we are?

I think learning the faith on a most basic level is great such as the ten commandments and the Sacraments. I am always a little nervous though when someone decides they want to dive in deeper than this. Suddenly I find myself wondering if this desire for academic study of theology serves as a distraction towards the real goal and authentic desire of first developing a relationship with God first.

It may seem incomprehensible to some reading this but learning theology without first developing a strong relationship with God and a spiritual ”awareness” of oneself and faults is a loaded gun just waiting to go off. To simplify it even further, without a metanoia, a true metanoia, not just ”feelings” and an ”emotional” drift towards Jesus but a really honest hot and teary conversion, theology is dynamite in the wrong hands.

It’s the reason why we have so many progressive theologians both clergy and laity high up in the church who have abdicated from the throne of truth and into the pit of bad theology.

I’ll break that down for you again so you can’t walk away from this post claiming to be confused. Two men and one knife in the room. One man sees the knife as a tool for cutting bread and giving it to the other man. The other man sees it as a weapon to steal some money to buy a loaf of bread.

It’s the same with theology and we view theology through the lens by how strong our relationship with God is. If the focus is not on God and ourselves we will use theology for bad and if the focus of our studies is a fruit ( not a foundation ) of our relationship with God who is always the primary focus of our studies, then we will use it for good and see it for as it really is.

It is very rare though to find that in a lay person who jumps at theology. I hate to say it because it makes me look like I’m a spiritual giant of which I’m not but I’ve been witness to many spoiled cradle Catholics who love the whole intellectual side of the church.

They enter their theological studies but their people skills and ability to forgive, meekness and humbleness isn’t there. And although they do adhere to correct theology, most often and sadly the devil gets involved (because they’re without the Grace necessary to handle it) and they end up becoming the religious police (Michael Voris for a popular example).

Therefore their study becomes a distraction developed and influenced by the devil to dissuade them from the true theology. Evagrius (an early church father) said ”He who prays truly, is a theologian, and he is a theologian who prays truly.”

Is he talking about devotional prayer? No, he’s talking about the prayer of transformation by which we totally transform and shed the skin of the worldly teaching we’ve absorbed from birth. Once we experience this true metanoia of change of heart we then become a burning, living prayer and even when we are not saying ”Lord Jesus Have mercy upon me, forgive me, help me,” we are still praying.

Our very way of being and life becomes an incense that rises into the nostrils of heaven that appeases God who reciprocates with Grace. When we have achieved this, then we can enter into theological study and it will bear more fruit.

But I always tell people not to bother and I’m always worried about the spiritual state and reasons of those who use it to escape from the real problem which is THEMSELVES. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

God bless







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