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The Word ”Know” In The Bible.

I was in the office today when the boss runs in, ”Stephen I want you to go around to this school, our product has been in it for years and we have known them a long time but their principal is gone and there is a new one.

The young principal who has taken over doesn’t know us and I’m afraid that because of this he will be easily switched by the Competition. I want you to pay him a visit and show some face even try and sell him a new machine.

Whilst I drove to this school in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Ireland I thought about what my boss had said and how it reflected the Bible.

In the Bible, the book of Exodus we are told that a new pharaoh arises who doesn’t know Joseph.

”In the mean time there arose a new king over Egypt, that knew not Joseph:” (exodus:1:8)

When the bible writes this it doesn’t mean that the new king did not know Joseph as in he had never heard of him before. It’s not like we use it today in which we often use it to reference never seeing or meeting someone before.

No, this not knowing was ”political” in nature. It meant that this new king didn’t politically recognize him nor like him. He had no ”covenant” with Joseph or his people and so decided he’d get rid of them.

The Bible also talks about Adam knowing eve and this knowing leading to the birth of Children and so on and so forth.

When my boss said it, it made so much sense that this principal doesn’t have a relationship with us, he knows of us but does not have an established relationship. Therefore he will get rid of us the moment the competition arrive with their product because he has no emotional ties with us.

It amazes me that even after 10,000 years or more us humans have not changed in our mentality.




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Your Kids Don’t Like Being Read Bible Stories? Try This Instead


In Judaism and during the first centuries of Christianity nobody had a bible. The Bible is something we take for granted today but thousands of years ago there was no printing press until 1440 and so if you wanted to make an exact copy of something you wrote the entire book out again word for word.

Therefore those who went to the temple to pray and heard the word of God being spoken had to memorize the stories. They’d take them home and tell their kids these stories around a roaring fire at night. It was never going to be word for word but the guts of the story was always there.

I do this with my kids. Believe it or not it grabs their attention more when I do it than it would if I were to read them from the Bible. There is something about the energy in which I retell the stories along with the vocal inflections and character role play that really keeps them engaged.

Stories such as David and Goliath and Joseph or Tobit really does make for great telling in a fire setting without the Bible itself.

Try it sometime and see how you get on. If you’re having trouble reading them the bible, tell it to them orally and when they become accustomed to the story have them retell and play some characters also.

Great family fun.





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EXCLUSIVE: Proof Of God Found In Bible

Yes you’ve read that right, an amazing study by an anonymous Irish man with no qualifications in either physics, math or any of the sciences can confirm. Please…stop…don’t close the…wait. That’s it now just keep reading.

Here is what I found:

Romans:1:20 ”For the invisible things of him, from the creation of the world, are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made; his eternal power also, and divinity: so that they are inexcusable.”

You might be laughing real hard right now and not just you the atheist but the Christian also. However although St.Paul does not elaborate, I will try to demonstrate just how amazing his words are for the proof of Gods existence.

First of all as I’ve said in previous posts, atheists often view God as some sort of cause among many within the universe. If he is in the universe then he must be hiding behind a fridge somewhere in the remote suburb of Kansas although some natives there would argue that a six pack of beer does come close.

God however is not one cause among many but uncreated and exists outside of space and time. Phsyics knows that this is a universal law should anything exist outside of space and time it is uncreated.

Ok so we have that bit out of the way.

Here comes the next reasoning which is: Since something cannot come from nothing,  God ( an uncaaused, uncreated intelligent being ) created the universe and is the maker of space and time. Can the artist be his art? Of course not. Yet his handiwork can be recognised in what he makes.

I’ll give you an example. I am both a songwriter and a photographer. If I put one of my photographs on display in an exhibit alongside other artists people coming in will immediately recognise my art as it bears a remarkable resemblence of my handiwork.

Yet, when they look at my handiwork they see only but a reflection of me. There is a kind of invisible trace of my being on it as it was formed and touched by me. Even if they do not know me at all and look at it, immediately they wonder about it’s creator.

I cannot be the photograph yet the photograph points towards my very existence. It is the same with God. The universe he created cannot be God yet it points towards his existence and its been touched by him and like a wanderer through fresh snow his footsteps and presence are but what is left behind. This is not a messed up universe but according to acclaimed scientist one that is very finely tuned so much so that if even a fraction of such math were to be deleted life would simply cease to exist.

Ok so what separates the photographer from God? Why is it when people look at the photographers work do they wonder about its creator but when they look at the trees, bugs, birds and human life in all its complexity they choose not to wander about it’s creator.

That is because in the very same verse the inspired St.Paul continues :

Romans:1:21-22 ”Because that, when they knew God, they have not glorified him as God, or given thanks; but became vain in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. 23And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image of a corruptible man, and of birds, and of fourfooted beasts, and of creeping things.”

What is saint Paul saying exactly? He is describing a person who refuses to contribute such handiwork to an intelligent being as someone who has a spiritual disability. These are people who have chosen against this simply because they prefer the life they lead free of Gods set of commands and moral code and want to be designers of their own.

These people by the way are ordinary people in a time when there was no big science as there is today. These are not philsophers but just ordinary working people who chose not to recognise a creator and so Paul says they changed the glory of the incorruptible God in the likeness of the image of a corrupitable man.

In other words they chose to worship the material world around them and worship each other. the house, the car, the TV set, the six pack of beers in back of the fridge and the celebrity culture. All of this became their focal point of worship and they themselves reduced God to one cause among many. If he can’t be seen hiding behind the curtain he’s not there basically.

They themselves as St.Paul says are ”Professing themselves to be wise”. In other words they’re self styled philsophers and know it alls. These kind of people still exist because whilst humans physical has changed through evolution in which man has adapted to his enviroment over the centuries, his very being and attitudes havn’t changed.

So today we have the same reptitive heresies and false notions that repeat themselves again and again. the theories are cloaked in a new garment but underneath that garment lies the naked lie that has been regurgitating itself for centuries.

Scripture testifys in the best terms I’ve ever seen for the existence of God. No physics, Math or Philsophy needed at all and its right there in one verse.

Is God one cause among many within the universe? Can the pot be its maker and vice versa or is it that the pot resembles the handiwork of the creator? If so and we don’t know him certainly it would be madness not to attribute this pot to some creator?

Is it maddness that we do not attribute such a finely formed and mathematically tuned universe to a creator or is it about time we let go of our tightly gripped egos and take that leap of faith?

The proof is there alright, but question is. . . do you have faith in the proof?




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A Room With A View

Today was a busy day for us. My wife’s first administration of the Chemotherapy began today. The cocktail of drugs given was ABVD. I won’t go into the science behind it all because whats important now is that the dirty cancer is getting cleaned up as we speak and that’s all that matters.

I know my wife very well. From the day we met, she always admired my ( according to my wife ) really odd sense of humor. I often lift her spirits when she is feeling down. This is probably the most crucial time in her life in which her sorrow seemed to be so deep and that is to be expected.

We came into the Oncology unit and got set up. First things first before we start the treatment it was important we got a baby scan to keep everything in check. It was then another long march back to the Oncology unit. Whilst waiting for everything to be set up I read her the Bible. She was feeling pretty down in herself and began to get panicky and extremely anxious.

It was at this point that I needed to break the ice a little. Not knowing what to do I rose from my chair and sighed a thought of not being any useful. I looked out the window and I knew then that this would get a good laugh from what may seem to many as an odd joke to make considering the circumstances but then again you don’t know my wife’s great sense of humor. It was a daring joke to make and I thought about it for sometime but eventually had to break that ice some how.

I looked out the window and shouted back ”Hey honey, at least they gave you a room with a view, take a look”. We looked outside and busted out laughing because right across the road was a Catholic graveyard/cemetery. It broke the ice and we were in hysterics and saying ”Oh my goodness, who puts an oncology unit right beside a GRAVEYARD? of ALL places?.

She became extremely relaxed and the day went well. She had no side effects apart from a slight tension headache and tingling in the tumors. I reminded her that the ABVD was killing those tumors and that is a good tingle.

Even though we joked around about the graveyard, it still was a serious question we had. It was a strange position to be in for any patient at the clinic. I decided to leave for half hour and give her some rest whilst I took a walk. I walked outside and I found a cancer patient perhaps in his late 60’s leaning over the barrier between us and the graveyard and peering at it intently. I had this urge to just give him a hug or something and tell him to remain positive, God has a plan. Of course, a stupid thing to act out and I’d probably have my head handed to me but I wonder what it was he was thinking. My eyes welled up with tears and compassion for him. I mean it is hard enough having to deal with cancer without having to step outside and see a graveyard every-time you visit your local chemo clinic.

Yet there was also something inside of me begging the question ”oh yes but isn’t looking at a graveyard very liberating”? This thought may be spiritually too much for some of you reading this to consume right now ( even for me ) so I’ll leave it here and bid you a blessed and good night and will leave you with a final thought: I Love My Wife and I have a sort of Holy Envy of her right now because of the faith in God she possesses. I wish I could be like her.

God bless you all

Domestic Monk

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Why Is Eucharistic Adoration So Difficult?

I rarely go these days and I am pretty sure I could make time for it. But when I do go it is an amazing experience sometimes, and other times I feel really disabled, almost sleepy and I just sit there in the business of my mind and wander about something else. How does the Lord feel when I do this? Put it this way, how would YOU or ME feel if we sat down to dinner with our children and none of them spoke to us. Or perhaps your a single guy and want to BEGIN a relationship with a girl, take her to dinner and she just sits there thinking to herself and ignoring you. Oh she acknowledges your presence but she really does not want to talk directly to you or at you, but just sits in your presence instead. Would you approve of this? Would you feel welcomed and ready to give someone all your time and effort to start a family and life long relationship with someone like that? Of course you would not be ready to give.

How come we expect Jesus to be ready to give us his graces if we are not interested? Jesus always welcomes us and loves us even if we don’t reciprocate the same but its up to us to take his hand and plunge into a relationship with him so he can give us all this. What is odd is that even though we understand this it is still quite difficult to do it, but hey!!! Rome was not built in a day, it takes time to build a relationship and one is not simply made in a day. We have to gradually get to know the Lord. So pray with me and help me and you put aside our distractions of the world and create a relationship with Jesus, starting off small and building it from the foundation up.

Think about St.Martha and Mary in the Bible. St.Martha is running around the kitchen all busy and her head is spinning. She gets upset at Mary and requests Jesus to get her to help etc. But Jesus rebukes Martha in a kind way for her busy attitude and such worry that she carries around all the time. He then tells her that Mary has chosen the ”Better part”. Ok so Martha acknowledges Jesus presence, but she is too busy to sit and listen to him. She is too busy busy busy. Hey, that is an image of me and you right? When in Eucharistic Adoration and in the presence of the Lord, we acknowledge that presence but our ”minds” are too busy to sit down and actually stay still and listen. St.Marthas acknowledgement of Jesus presence is ”Good” like ours is in adoration. It is good because at least it is a start that could progress. But we could all be like Mary and choose the ”better part” by choosing to listen to Jesus and have a relationship with him, even if we can only choose that better part for an ”hour”. Then we will understand why it is not a question of: Why is Eucharistic Adoration so difficult? But rather, ”why do we have to be so difficult?”

Lets try and choose the ”Better part” this new year.

God bless

Domestic Monk.

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