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Holy Awakenings

holy-waterYou have heard it before the phrase ”Rude Awakenings” but the other morning I experienced somewhat of a Holy Awakening.

It was somewhere between 5am-6am on Good Friday morning. It’s my day off work so I’m looking forward to having a nice sleep in. Well…Jesus had other plans to start my day.

I awoke to a wet finger touching my face and poking me on the cheek. My eyes slowly open and I hear the mutterings of words ”Bless you, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Again the blurry figure no higher than a dwarf says it ”I bless you, in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit.

As my eyes adjust and regain focus I notice it is my just turned 4 year old son who for the third time pokes and splashes me on my face saying ”I bless you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”


I look at the bottle of Holy water he is using and it is from the Greek Orthodox Monastery of St.Irene in athens. I had filled it here over 4 years ago from their well in the ground.

A part of me wasn’t happy because I said to him that’s dirty and has gathered loads of green inside of it since filling it. But when I looked again the whole bottle was chrystal clear because I had forgotten I had filled two bottles. One was remained clear whilst the other one went green and funky for some reason.

I was wondering how he knew it was Holy water because we never really used it at all if ever opened it. He’s the first to open it as it just sat at the back of the dresser gathering dust.

What was the Holy Spirit saying to me? I would like to think of the scriptural passage:

And he cometh to his disciples, and findeth them asleep, and he saith to Peter: What? Could you not watch one hour with me? Matthew:26:40

Jesus often comes to us in supernatural ways to speak to us directly or give us a supernatural experience with the intention to cement us into life with him for whatever reason. St.Paul needed it and some of us just need it.

However my favourite way in which God talks to us is through the actions of a little child. I may be sitting on the couch and my son will approach me with a rosary or Jesus prayer rope and hand it to me. He doesn’t realize why he’s handing it to me but I know why.

I love it when God approaches me through my wife and offers me encouragement. I love it when Jesus gets up from his seat on the bus and asks me to sit down. Or we may be in a large queue like I was the other day waiting in the windy, irish cold and rain to gain access to the ATM and he approaches me for help as an old man on crutches really drunk and asks me ”Can I skip the queue son?” and I let him skip it and get his money out. I watch Jesus drop his cards and I pick them up for him and he goes to put his money in the bank and is taking forever because he’s too old to use it. He’s putting all my training to the test and seeing just how patient I am.

Most of all, I love it when Jesus approaches me through my wife and sons. The reason I like it is because a little part of me knows I must be doing something right if my sons can read the bible and are praying over their father at such ripe ages of 4 and 6.

I think of all the parents who justify giving their children mobile phones and laptops because they never had those things growing up. Then I look at my own son kiss the tomb of Christ and receive Him today on Holy Saturday with such reverence and I see me giving my children something I never had when growing up. I’m shedding tears now just writing this, tears of joy? I would like to think so.

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