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When Jesus Tells Us To Cut Off Our Hand

There’s that moment in the Gospel where Jesus tells us to cut off our hand pluck out our eyes should either lead us to sin.

Is it something we should take literally? No yet it is reported that one Bishop long ago actually did cut off his hand.

When something remains in disuse it goes dead, limp even. It will not even come to mind at all after a while.

Jesus calls us here to remove ourselves from a sinful situation. Monks have already done this as where they are now, have been removed from the scene of the world yet the devil attacks them still through memory so they too still need to train themselves to make this go limp and cut it off.

Remove the eye by training the eye to look at other things so that it wont be lead into sin. Train the hand and remove it from its sinful practices and by becoming a new person.

I’m going to go a step further. It is helpful to go to a monastery but not all of us can.

Living in the world is it possible to look at a woman dressed so provocatively and yet not be aroused or to be tempted to lust after her?

Yes it is but one would have to be a spiritual giant of sorts in order to maintain it. But it is possible that whilst the eye sees the naked woman, it is possible for it to at the same time be plucked out and not present. Does that make sense to you?

Because when you are filled with light the eye perceives everything through that light. So if you’re filled with the Light of the Holy Spirit it’s enough to blind you to all that is darkness and evil.

So when Jesus says to pluck out your eye and cut off your hand, he means to detach yourself from them and grow new eyes that perceives all via the Holy Spirit and to grow a new hands that shake for peace and not war.


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