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Eucharistic Ministers In The Roman Catholic Church

I refuse to receive from a Eucharistic Minister or a lay person unless in cases of emergency.

I think the idea that they’re needed because the priest needs a little ”help” is ridiculous. Why a group of 100 people cannot wait in line for communion with one priest at the rail gives me cause for concern for this current snowflake generation.

A Greek friend of mine told me about the Bishop of Constantinople who served a group of over 10,000 people and the chalice did not leave his hands once.

In addition to all this the whole female ministers has a very protestant feel about it does it not? It’s obvious that the progressive side of the church are trying to push for a female priesthood and it’s invention of altar girls and female Eucharistic Ministers is evidence of this.

This is why every single time I look at these ministers I can only see the people who are behind it which is many. I’ve met them and they are in high positions within the church even the local head of the diocese who is head of education here confided in me in secret meeting with him all these things.

I’ve chased these people in Mater Dei Institute on what was being taught on a parish level, and I’ve been googled by the mater dei institute shortly afterwards. The search terms I found in my stats was ”Stephen Mc Elligott Theology” and the source? ”Mater Dei Institute”.

I’ve really annoyed these people in the past but I’ve thrown in the towel. It’s too big of a fight for a small time guy like me and they’re much stronger than us on the ground. So much cover up goes on it’s not worth the hassle.

Another reason not to receive from Eucharistic Ministers is that many of them don’t go to confession or have an understanding of mortal and venial sin and the need to confess this like the priest does. Therefore many are just approaching the Eucharistic in less than desirable conditions. I know it sounds judgmental but if you spent five minutes with some of them you’d understand my concerns. I receive from the Priest because that’s whose job it’s always been.

The Roman Catholic church is a very difficult one to navigate but the Eucharistic minister although permitted was most likely given permission by the Pope under much pressure from the liberal left in the church the same as with altar girls.

There’s a lot of dangerous men in the church. When I say dangerous I’m talking about clergy you’ve shaken hands with and you’ve no idea who they actually are behind the curtain. They are a silent lot and they don’t like me because unlike Michael voris and the rest of them, I’ve done a lot of damage to them behind the scenes with my letters and emails. However they’ve always managed to find themselves a way out which is why I just gave up.






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