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Irish Catholic Home School Social Workers

My wife is obsessed with Homeschooling which I think is a healthy obsession if any because I despise those secular schools with the Catholic badge on them.

She had some questions from the local communist social workers who call around and access you here in Ireland which is against the law and constitution but they do it anyway. They’re such busy bodies that love to know whats going on in those crazy Christian homes.

Protestant friends of ours were called to by them and now they can’t get rid of them because sadly they prey on families that are foreign and weak because they’ve no support to help them.

So this assessment is riddled with questions to see how much of a nutcase you are really and they’re presented in a way that you will answer like a fruit cake that they may then have an excuse to call out to you again and destroy your little garden of Eden. Snakes is what they are.

One of the questions was ”Why do you want to home school and why do you think it’s better than any other form of education?”

My wife gave them a biography of charlotte Mason. I explained to her they’re not looking for a bio of another homeschooled, they’re looking for your personal response.

My wife says ”well…what should I say?”

I made a joke and she actually put pen to paper and began to write what I was saying when I said tell them: ”Because we don’t want your monstrous philosophies anywhere near them where they will die both a mental and spiritual death. Your so-called Catholic schools are thriving with little atheist children deprived of good manners and we’d rather our kids not have to mix with the godless at least not until they’re old enough to know that one does not follow a herd of pigs running off a cliff.”

I laughed out loud when I realized she was actually writing this down and there was a point where she also began to understand I was joking and stopped writing.

I got serious though. I told her you just need to say what I just said but in a very clever way that lets them know you’re saying it but in such a fashion that it looks obvious yet polite and classy.

You say ”Having read and studied the benefits of both public schooling and homeschooling, we concluded that homeschooling was the better option of the two for our children’s academic, theological and social growth. ”





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Your Home Is A Domestic Monastery


Recently my wife has become friends with some people who home school locally. To my surprise most are not Christian or do it for them purposes. A few are evangelical but most are secular.

One woman she takes into my home every now and again practices Reiki and new age occult stuff.

I explained to my wife you can’t go around having friends like that. Queue the ”Jesus ate with sinners line”.

Jesus had a different ministry than we do and he didn’t hang around very long and often retreated from the company of us sinners to be alone with God and recharge his batteries.

Taking people like this into the home they carry with them spirits from whatever it is they practice and if you’re in a state of mortal sin and weak in the faith you’re susceptible to getting pounced on and like fleas spirits jump from one to the next.

The home is quite different to the outside world. The home is a monastery and you should be careful about who you let behind that door. We are called to welcome everyone in Christs name and be kind and this is fine but it should only be a brief visit and we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be overcome by too many visits.

We don’t know the particulars of anyone who approaches us and what goes on behind their closed doors so we are vulnerable in that aspect. That said if we have prior knowledge that someone practices witchcraft or is into the new age occult, we should think again about letting them behind what I like to call ”The Royal Door”.

In Orthodoxy they call the doors that the priest enters on the altar ”The Royal Doors”. When the Deacon shouts ”The Doors The Doors” everything is closed and the non-Orthodox must leave so that the mystery of the Eucharist is protected and doesn’t become defiled.

Our home is where the presence of Christ should be, and anything with the prospect of endangering that peaceful presence must not be allowed to pass through the doors. Like a monastery it is a brotherhood who learns to separate it’s guests and has a line that must not be crossed where the brotherhood is. Our line is the front door and where we meet the guests is outside depending upon the guest.

I’m not saying the person themselves defile the home no, it’s whatever they carry with them even unknown unto themselves that defiles the home. If all of this sounds really over the top and crazy to you it may be that you’re just not ready spiritually to hear it and so it’s too much for you.

However I would invite people to be extremely careful who you let in. I never let people in my home whom I have prior knowledge of that’s practicing the occult. So that’s the last time that lady will get in.

Remember, the devil like a slug is always hard at work trying to destroy the nice garden you’ve created. Slugs by the way take their time, they don’t come all at once. It’s the same with the devil, he takes his time at eating away at your spiritual fruits until you’ve none left and you’re always the last to know.

Everyone has their vocation in life, in the home, the monastery where kids minds are being formed in their formative years, the vocation of a parent is to help develop that heart, soul and mind that it may remain pure from anything that isn’t Christ until he or she is old enough to tell their right hand from their left, what is Holy and what isn’t.




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