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The Icon Wall

Don’t know why I’m doing this but here’s my icon wall. I don’t need to describe it as it pretty much speaks for it’s self. 

If love to have some chandeliers so that the other icons further up in darkness become illuminated also. 

This is a 19th century antique icon I bought from a dealer in Kiev Ukraine. I won it at an online auction. 

I love how distinct the iconography in Ukraine is from other regions such as Russia and Greece. The Theotokos is so approachable in this icon. I like buying old things. 

This is my little incense pot given to me by a woman and friend from the Lebanon. I use it all the time especially on Sunday. In the distance is Peter and Paul a prayer card I bought from the Russian Orthodox church named after them in Dublin. You can also see padre pio right beside Our Lady of Fatima where else would he be? . I have some holy water from the river Jordan and icons of Michael and Raphael but Gabriel is missing. I lost him when moving house one time. 

This is our place where we encounter heaven as a family. When people come into my home which is rare because I allow only those closest to me across the threshold or the exceptional laity, they will encounter this wall. 

I like to think of it as less than a wall and more of a window. It’s still a bit bare at the minute and I’m planning to fill it more. 

Do you have a prayer wall or space and if so has it helped you in your daily struggle to be mindful of God in the home? 

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