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Irish Catholic Home School Social Workers

My wife is obsessed with Homeschooling which I think is a healthy obsession if any because I despise those secular schools with the Catholic badge on them.

She had some questions from the local communist social workers who call around and access you here in Ireland which is against the law and constitution but they do it anyway. They’re such busy bodies that love to know whats going on in those crazy Christian homes.

Protestant friends of ours were called to by them and now they can’t get rid of them because sadly they prey on families that are foreign and weak because they’ve no support to help them.

So this assessment is riddled with questions to see how much of a nutcase you are really and they’re presented in a way that you will answer like a fruit cake that they may then have an excuse to call out to you again and destroy your little garden of Eden. Snakes is what they are.

One of the questions was ”Why do you want to home school and why do you think it’s better than any other form of education?”

My wife gave them a biography of charlotte Mason. I explained to her they’re not looking for a bio of another homeschooled, they’re looking for your personal response.

My wife says ”well…what should I say?”

I made a joke and she actually put pen to paper and began to write what I was saying when I said tell them: ”Because we don’t want your monstrous philosophies anywhere near them where they will die both a mental and spiritual death. Your so-called Catholic schools are thriving with little atheist children deprived of good manners and we’d rather our kids not have to mix with the godless at least not until they’re old enough to know that one does not follow a herd of pigs running off a cliff.”

I laughed out loud when I realized she was actually writing this down and there was a point where she also began to understand I was joking and stopped writing.

I got serious though. I told her you just need to say what I just said but in a very clever way that lets them know you’re saying it but in such a fashion that it looks obvious yet polite and classy.

You say ”Having read and studied the benefits of both public schooling and homeschooling, we concluded that homeschooling was the better option of the two for our children’s academic, theological and social growth. ”





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Silence By Martin Scorsese and The Apostasy Of The Irish Catholic Church

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Everyone has been viewing this movie through a different lens. Some view it as anti- Catholic, others view it as an honest depiction of life as a missionary and others are undecided as to the motives of the movie at all but enjoy it nevertheless.

I think those that view it as an anti-Catholic movie just want to see either the church shown in a completely good light or perhaps just upset they didn’t get the overall happy ending they wanted and left the cinema disappointed. Having done that they had to have someone to blame which was the director, thus a manifestation of being left a little dry.

I won’t take up any of your time by describing the movie and plot as I’m confident a little googling is all you need to gather that information, rather I just wish to share what I took from the movie, not that what I think is genius or even matters at all.

The priests in the movie are slowly introduced to a denial of their faith. When captured they’re gradually broken down through the experiences of comfort and psychological tactics to bring them away from their Christian faith.

Even though they always remain priests at heart following their denial of their Catholic faith, having allowed themselves become manipulated into silence, deep down they are always priests.

We are all sitting watching this possibly assuming such tactics belong and remain in the 17th century. Today however, we see these tactics still being played upon the Irish Catholic Church by the secular Irish state who, like the Japanese, view the Catholic Church as a threat to their current way of living wishing only to drive it underground and get it privatised at the very least.

Unlike most Christians who still undergo physical torture in the middle east and beyond, the Western Christian undergoes a type of torture being that of comfort and psychological.

Irish Catholic priests are silent, and have been forced into silence by the secular state. Yes they remain priests and continue to say Mass, but they’re notably silent on all important matters pertaining to their Christian faith.

You may think such priests, because they remain as such having a loose faith in Christ and continue to say Mass that somehow they haven’t become apostates but listen to the Lords words to Obadiah:1:13 ”On the day, when you stood aloof while strangers carried off his riches, while foreigners passed through his gate and cast lots for Jerusalem, you were as bad as the rest of them.”

Even though they’re priests, when secularism invades the church making off with the riches of its teachings, those who stay quiet behave just like the enemies of Christ. These priests are known as apostates and people who have chosen the comfortable life of sitting in front of the TV watching the football and news whilst the devil runs rings around them.

These priests are victims of the psychological tactics of western secularism. They’re homilies are silent empty and devoid of all substance when it comes to defending the faith on matters such as abortion and the ever progressive sexual/LGBT movement currently attacking Catholic schools.

They (Certain Clergy) have chosen the life of comfort, having succumbed to the psychological pressure upon them to be silent or be ridiculed not just by the secular state but other silent priests within the Catholic church who themselves want newcomers in the seminary to be just like them because the young traditional boys way of life reveals the silence and evil of their own.

Like the Japanese told the Christians of the 17th century, today the Irish state has silenced the Catholic priests, bishops and cardinals with these words also, that is, ”There is only room for one religion in this country and that is our own”.

You see, evil does not come all at once, if it did we would not be deceived. The Christians are first asked to simply stand on an icon of Jesus or the Blessed Virgin, then they up the ante and get them to do it more often and increase the level of blasphemy they must perform.

Now the Irish state continues to do the same, they slowly introduce us to their ideology and they’ve found a window to do that through our Christian schools. Now having gradually introduced us to the idea that religion shouldn’t belong in schools because it discriminates against others, they have in recent weeks found now the time is right to petition the schools to eliminate religion altogether. Will the priests continue to remain silent? I think so.

Is there even a happy ending to the story of Ireland? I think so. In the movie we saw it was the laity who didn’t deny Christ and were burned and tortured for their faith. Today I see a strong Christian community (Laity) in Ireland who, in spite of their dreadful silent priests, have put their neck on the line and spoke out against the tyrannical atheist philosophy that seeks to pervade and consume their heritage and the future faith of their children.

I see a Laity who will not allow themselves to be forced into SILENCE!












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Dear Irish Catholic Priests . . .

Where do you get this idea in your head that it would be great to place two women ( or men ) on the altar, with out of tune guitars and vocals singing country western songs and expect the youth to just come flooding in? Add to that a tambourine and you’ve just given all us young 18 – 35 year olds a seriously good reason the emigrate. 

This isn’t about musical taste and how I like to worship verses how others like to worship because I happen to appreciate all kinds of music so let’s not go down the Liturgical relativist route of discussion . In the context of the Divine Liturgy ( also known popularly as Mass to most Irish folk ) when the priest sings a Latin chant ( in English ) followed by two women on a guitar and tambourine singing country western hymns with Jesus somewhere in there ( I experienced this tonight ) it sounds so out of sync. 

To be honest it sounds like the church is sick. It has an illness. What I’ve noticed is that The Roman Catholic Church has all the Love and talk of love, but it has no discipline. Muslims on the other hand have all the discipline but their religion possesses no love. 

The Orthodox Church whilst not perfect herself seems to possess all the Love and the discipline. Without this discipline the Church in the east would fall apart because to rupture the Liturgy or toy around with the Eucharist as Catholics have, would be like removing a limb from its body. It would cease to function and then eventually die. 

When I was in church this evening, I turned around to make a quick exit and I saw no young people save a few who were there most likely out of obligation. All I saw was a sea of grey heads bopping along to music they thought was too cool for school. 

I left church as soon as I came of age and it wasn’t a decision made I just slipped off into secularism. My local parish church was so bland and it hasn’t changed. There was nothing there that led me to feel or experience the Divine. It was a plain church with no icons, no frescoes or mosaics. It had tacky blue carpet and a supposedly modern infrastructure. 

It too had these folky tambourine choirs and I just don’t think they realised how much such cheesy music drove us young ones away. It was even worse when they tried using modern music and incorporate Jesus into that too. 

Have you ever bothered to come out of yourself and ask the youth ….”honestly ….do you like this? Does this music elevate your soul to touch the other world that exists in the heavens, to see Christ himself?” 

The answer you’d get would be a resounding “NO!”

But here’s the thing, most youth don’t protest all of this, they silently walk away like I did. You lose their attention and the sheep wander out of the field looking for truth in drugs, sex, power, money etc. 

They don’t protest because they’re already struggling in their relationship with Jesus and love. They already associate Jesus and standing up for God to be seen as uncool. So to save themselves the embarrassment of  standing up to it, they walk off out the door and into the hands of the world where they get caught up in the crosswinds of the devil himself. 

So please, if you’re a catholic priest reading this, stop being lazy and throwing guitars and bad singers at us because it’s easy. Go out and actively take the time to develop a choir that will sing the music developed within the church because like 2+2 = 4 somethings never get old, like the ancient chant of your church for example. In fact calling it ancient is inappropriate because it will always be more modern than your average guitar and tambourine. 

Try it out, teach the youth how to sing chant and choral music because no 15 year old will put on one of your silky robes and stand in front of a congregation of their peers singing something Daniel o Donnell wrote whilst having tea with his 80 yr old neighbour one afternoon. It’s embarrassing for them. 

But teach them heavenly music and they’d happily put their hand up to volunteer. You might not think it but music is a big deal and the music of the church is something neutral that all ages will appreciate. 

If I walk into a bar and hear metal music, I’ll leave it. If I walk into another playing country western I will leave that one also. That’s just how subjective music is but the Lord was clever. The Holy Spirit developed a liturgical music that no age group could resist. 

This is why when you go into an Orthodox Church you will see plenty of young, old and middle aged there. They will not allow the worldly music into their church but rather prefer to bring the heavenly music into the world. 

Please take a leaf out of their books as they are the last rebellion in this world whilst the rest of us have buckled in compromise to the secular Atheistic philosophy. 

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Maria Divine Mercy: The Woman Behind the Curtain

Maria Divine Mercy: The Woman Behind the Curtain.

this excellent blog post exposes Maria Divine Mercy who is actually a false mystic or seer and has led many astray, I mean well over 100,000 people on the Internet have fell into her scam.



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