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What Is Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit?

You would not think it because we are free to disbelieve in Private revelation/Prophecy but when testing the spirits this is part of the measuring stick I use.

I will listen and respect someones opinion on Medjugorje or True Life In God and respect it when they don’t believe. When they say I’m not sure I believe but I await the Churches continued examination of it to be on the safe side, I’m not disconcerted by this at all. In fact it’s a good response.

Where ones fails in this test is when I see them setting up to prematurely judge Medjugorje and setting out to ”fight” it. When they mimic the pharisees and label it ”demonic”, ”from Satan” and that all the healings that took place are via ”Satan” its all his work.

When one does this (and I will leave God to judge here), they place themselves in a very dangerous position of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. St.Paul tells us in scripture that we are never to suppress the Spirit or prophecy.

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t test the spirits but to prematurely judge and even set out to fight what may and well truly be from God would mean you’re fighting God and could be in serious danger of suppressing the Spirit.

Nothing wrong with saying you disbelieve. Nothing wrong with examining something in fact that’s important but to set yourself up as the self styled theologian and to condemn and fight Medjugorje or True Life In God means your placing yourself in a difficult position like the pharisees did who blasphemed the Holy Spirit by calling his works that of the devils.

Just be careful my dear readers as quite a number of Radical right wing websites and left wing ones have been engaging in this war on Medjugorje mostly because it preaches something both of these groups don’t want to hear.

God bless.

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The Catholic Church Is Going To Get Worse

People often like to shine a light at least somewhere and they’ll say things like ”well…my parish is not like that” or ”the priest in my parish is a very Holy man trying to restore Holiness in the liturgy.” I don’t deny they’re telling the truth and there exists a remnant out there of ”Abels” who are please to God and whose blood and persecution by the Cains in the church cry out to God.

It was said by someone that the last days began at Fatima in 1917. Like for real officially began. Since then we’ve had the wonders of Garabandal and then of Medjugorje.

In between these visions foretold in Scripture of the last days both in Joel and in Acts where we are told that our young ones will have visions, a lot of the destruction in between these visions is visible.

World wars, communism, 9/11 and so much more since 1917, seems to point towards an accumulation of a great pile of rubbish. The cup is overflowing since Garabandal it really is.

How then, do we propose a church that’s changing? Things are bad and though it may seem cynical of me to say so, the church is changing for the worse. Things are just going from bad to worse to the lowest of the low. Will it get better? Of course it will, throughout history the church has gone through some difficult eras and times. Sometimes a country goes atheist and then it comes back to it’s senses. Russia is a prime example of this.

I see a pimple that is only half grown and not yet fully matured, but when it has it will pop and God will clean up the mess. There will be redness, soreness but eventually it will fade away and a new era will begin.

However I think that this era is going to need a miracle of all proportions and that one is of Garabandal. Listening to Conchita it sounds like this is the miracle from this appartion and this visible sign that will bring Europe and the world over back to our senses.

Somethings coming but when we’ll never really know until it happens. Therefore in our own blindness its important not to wait now but with confidence approach the Lord and ask forgiveness and change our hearts whilst there is still time.

May God have mercy on us.



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We Saw Ivan of Medjugorje in St.Xaviers Church, Dublin Today

Dear friends, brothers and sisters, Today we were at the hospital. My wife got a biopsy done of her bone and a bone marrow extract too. It was really painful for her. Doctor said to me, ”its quite a small room here, things get heated and people are known to faint as there does be blood everywhere and you can see some of it”. I looked at Audrey and in my weakness said ”maybe I should wait outside?”. Audrey said in a very humorous yet firm tone of voice, ”Oh no, you should stay”. With that I said I would remain here against all odds and if I faint who cares anyway, as long as Audrey has the support she needs.

We laughed about it afterwards but during the surgery, Audrey squeezed my hand for a lengthy period of time, and then after my left hand went white I offered her my right hand and said ”here, you have squeezed the life out of that one, time to give it a rest and give this ( my right hand ) a go. She was laughing and screaming at the same time when I said that but it kept her spirits up.

After this we went over for an Ultrasound, then back to the Oncology unit to get set up for a CT scan and then it was another walk back over to the CT department. Before that long walk the doctor came in and informed us that due to the Ultrasound they found that the liver was enlarged and the spleen also. Upon the liver they discovered a spot. The Doctor explained that this information is very fresh as they are getting it quite quick but they think that further examination could conclude that this is a result of the Hodgkins cancer and that is the culprit.

This was a shock to the system for Audrey and myself too because this meant either it is a stage III or IV Category A. This means it is the last stages of the cancer and the ”A” means she is not having night sweats or any other symptoms like that. Very worrying, but we are assured if we move quickly it can be dealt with so we start it all on Thursday.

We had a long four hours at the hospital. Having come home my Mother and Father took our son Christian for a while to give us some time to let it all sink in. My wife decided to take some time alone to lie down and have a sleep. It was then that I was going through my feed on facebook and noticed an update from Medjugorje TV on Ivan having an apparition in Dublin at 6pm. They explained that if we wanted to attend we would need to go today. I looked at my watch and noticed it was 3pm and that I needed to go now and really wanted to take my Wife. But we are an hour north of Dublin so how could we get there? I don’t drive. My wife can’t drive there because she is a learner driver and very unwell. My father was too tired for the journey. I didn’t know what to do. but I sent them an e-mail asking where it was happening.

An hour later I get a call from Denmark and a man told me it is happening in Xaviers Church on upper Dorset Street in Dublin. I said ok and that I will get there as a matter of urgency somehow. I knew this would be good for Audrey so I shot into the room and said ”come on lets go”. She replied ”where?” I explained where we are going and she got excited and was all very well and fit to go. But how do we get there? I called everyone and they called back telling me not to go, and the more they told me not to go the more I knew we were meant to go.

So I said ”we will get the train”. So off we went to get the train. We would arrive 20 minutes late but we were ten minutes early for the apparition itself so we did not miss that. Having arrived there I knew the place would be packed as it was indeed full to the brim. Sooooooo. I walked up the Isle and we stood by a pillar. I was very worried. My wifes back was hurting and there were no seats. I had my eye on the slab of tiles that looked like the only comfortable route to take by the altar. So here we are, my pregnant wife and I, confused and tired when a man pops up from his seat all annoyed at us and shouted in the thickest and most purest Dublin Accent you can imagine, ”Will ye get out of the way, your blocking everyones view,”. I replied ”but where will we go?”’ in a very harsh tone he said ”I don’t know but you can’t stay here, move away from here and go whereever, because your blocking our view”. It was at this moment that I needed to take a deep breath, and remind myself that the man simply is not aware of our situation, because I must admit a sudden anger arose in me and the temptation to give him a good telling off was boiling inside me, but I kept my cool and I said ”Ok ok”.

So in my confusion I led my 7 month pregnant, cancer stricken wife towards the altar thinking ”Our Lady will do something here I just hope she will” and then all of a sudden these men in suits and ties came up and said ”We have a seat here for you”. We ended up getting the best seat in the house up on the altar front row woohoo ( remind you of a Gospel Passage anyone? ). So that was that, we had a lovely experience, the Mass the Homily and it really put a fire into my wife. Whatever we got from Our Lady we are truly thankful for. My wife has been begging to go to Medjugorje now for many years but we could never get there. This is the closest I could ever bring her and wow is she so happy. So that’s all that matters.

I love her so much so please do keep her in your prayers. I am in tears, all I know is that we had an hour to get there and I got her there, or rather Our Lady brought us there.

God bless

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No Room At The Inn


Christ Has Risen!!!.

Hello to all. So today I watched Jesus of Nazareth. In Scriptures there is a point where nobody will give Mary and St.Jospeh along with Jesus any room at the Inn. They get turned away several times.

It got me thinking about how Jesus wishes to enter our hearts, yet many of us refuse him entry into our hearts and to accept the birth of the Good news. It also symbolizes the many times Jesus came to us through authentic Private Revelations/prophecies through people like Vassula Ryden, Medjugorje, garabandal and Fatima to name but a few.

But we turn him away and refuse him entry. ”The house is full” we say. But full with what? Full of blindness, ingnorance, arrogance, vices and sin. When our house ( heart ) is full of these things how can the great king enter? Today would you welcome someone into your house if it was dirty?

Ask yourself: if I were an inn keeper in the scriptures and I knew the Messiah was looking for room under My roof, what would I do? right now? what would I do? I would make room. I would do whatever it was possible to make room, I would have possibly thrown one guy out of one room to sleep on the floor in the next bedroom with someone else. Either way I would certainly make way for this great King.

But let us now focus on where the Messiah is finally given room and decides to take shelter after being refused by the rich and the proud. He is given a dirty, poor and smelly stable. He is born in the lowest of lowest conditions. The most humble of conditions. Who are the stables and what do they symbolize?  they are the stables that are the poor. Those considered to be the rejects of society. These are the ones who accept Christ into their hearts with gladness and joy. These are the ones Christs visits because he knows they will accept him.They make room for him. They readily accept his message and are humble.

So lets ask ourselves this final question: How many times have I failed to recognize the Messiah when he knocks on my door looking for shelter and have said: ”Sorry, no room at the Inn”?

Happy and Holy Easter to all

Christos Voskrese

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