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Radical Right Wing Catholics

I’m a firm believer that if the Devil doesn’t get you with the liberal left in the Church in all its diabolical manifestation, he will surely get you with the radical right wing. Those right wing who firmly believe they are doing Gods ”Holy work”.

A Greek Orthodox friend of mine Thanasis said to me: ”Those two ways the devil is fighting is, we call them: Temptation from the left, and Temptation from the right. Temptation from the left is when the devil temps us to sin. Temptation from the right, which is much more dangerous, is when the devil gives us “holy” motives to do unholy things, when he tempts is to overdo it, go beyond our current capacities so that later we get exhausted and abandon the fight altogether, when he tempts us in pride for the “good” (we think) we did. In general, Temptation of the right is when we are heading to hell but we believe we are heading to heaven. Only humility can unmask this trickery of the devil, and humility is not easy (if even desired) for the most of us. Temptation from the Right is most dangerous because the person that has fallen for that trap doesn’t even believe he is trapped. So there will be no attempt, from that person’s part, to repent and get out of it.”

It is an interesting point and when one looks at the Lords request that we stay on the narrow path we often can wonder what this narrow path entails. To get closer to the narrow path we must avoid modernism and it’s opposition fundamentalism. Archbishop fulton sheen said something that I’ve never forgotten. He said ”The Church will always be more modern than the modernist, and more fundamental than the fundamentalist.”

This tells me that there exists what’s known as a ”Well balanced Catholic”. Now I don’t claim this title and we’ve all got something wrong with us but I do believe it’s important almost vital to ones spiritual health that we pray for the discernment of the spirits.

To be given the grace to spot very radical movements like Church Militant among others like Lifesitenews who are constantly on the attack with regards to Pope Francis is very important.

You’ve just found a renewed and fresh admiration for your faith but in the midst of your Epiphany you’re in danger of being either being pulled to left or pulled to the right and becoming radicalized.

This is why I invite people to avoid popular youtube personalities such as Michael Voris/Church Militant and ”The Marian Catechist”.

When Michael Voris first came out, I didn’t mind him all that much but then he became increasingly aggressive in tone and as I watched his audience I saw it became almost as if he was preaching to the Choir.

His Church Militant channel to date is mostly a respite for Catholics who are seeking out someone whom can help them through the storm, to have a shoulder to lean on in the midst of all this modernism and they have seemed to have found it in Michael.

I really admire his conversion story and we’ve all got one. His mother sadly fell asleep in the Lord and he was a great big sinner who experienced a conversion like none other. I do believe however that he is experiencing an Epiphany that has spiraled out of control.

The devil often deceives us like my friend Thanasis said, into believing we must do great things in order to give back to God.

Very few of us are just content with going to Mass on Sunday and praying our daily devotions. No, we must do something BIG, BAD AND BOLDDDDDD.

I know, I was there, I felt the same way. You’re not talking to the perfect, you’re talking to the man whose trodden that particular path.

In the american personality there is no other culture that likes to do things bigger than Americans and Michael went all out.

Is everything Michael says wrong, surely there is something good about his movement? I would agree that his movement could have been great but he’s turned into the religious police. Uncovering this scandal, that scandal and watching everything everyone is saying that if they slip up they better watch out because he will make a video out of it.

The thing about engaging and joining in this behaviour is that it is not spiritually healthy for the soul to be peering into this world of constant scandal and will inevitably lead you to spiritual ruin.

Michael may be getting at all the scandals but what has changed since his uncovering of them? Nothing at all. What do we gain from watching his uncovering of these scandals? Entertainment maybe but will it help us get to Heaven and help further our relationship with Jesus and his Church? No. I don’t believe it to be so.

It’s not even that he gets a lot of scandals right but his whole approach to dealing with the Scandal is wrong. Even Jesus says we must approach our brother in secret, then failing that we bring him to the Church then failing that we just leave him and let God sort him out.

However the very public way of dealing with this is not something I’m a fan of and I think it could be handled better.

I would invite people to focus on appropriate things that are edifying for the soul. Read spiritual books and seek out spiritual direction. I highly recommend Dan Burke as the more favorable YouTube personality you should be following.

He is owner of the Avila Institute for spiritual direction and a good writer. would highly recommend you subscribe to him than this radical right wing scandal seeking religious police man such as Michael Voris. Not good for the soul at all.

Remember to seek out a well balanced Catholic life, don’t lean too far to the right and don’t lean to far to the left but ask God to help you remain on the narrow path.

God bless






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Traditionalist Catholics Are Becoming A Pain In The Butt

There are three groups in the church today who make up the Catholic family.

These groups consist of the right-wing fundamentalist like Michael Voris and life site news for example who are the religious police and go around nit-picking at every detail bashing people with their religious stick of zeal and the law.

I like Michael and I hate to pick on him because his conversion story is very inspiring, but he is the perfect example of someone who has gone ( or is still experiencing ) ¬†an epiphany and when the dust settles you end up where Michael Voris is now going around publicly flogging every single Christian who steps out of line. If he catches a bishop eating meat on Friday during lent he makes a public video out of it that’s just how tasteless the whole public flagellation of clergy is. But you can’t tell him this. That’s the thing, you cannot talk to someone in that state and can only wait until the grace of God snaps them out of it.

It sounds like he’s ( Michael ) a kind of Ignatius of Loyola who himself was without spiritual guidance and exhibited the same behaviour. That’s what traditionalist/fundamentalists are. They are people with great intentions but without a guide and so the devil bestows upon them the evil demon known as ”The doctor of the law.” Oh you mean you’ve never been a victim of this demon before? He’s been around centuries.

The doctor of the law is a self-styled canon lawyer who knows every canon, every paragraph in the catechism and every liturgical rubric you can think of. Oh and he can’t get enough of theological courses and has to obtain every BA and MA you can lay your hands on because he’s on a spiritual mission to battle the evil in the church and so it goes and has went for centuries. He thinks this all glorifies God but it more or less glorifies himself.

If he see’s you even step once out of line he will emerge from his cage, beat his breasts and tear his garments before you so concerned he is with saving your soul.

Anyway, that’s one group out-of-the-way, a group I sympathize with because their reaction is towards the menacing Progressive group who seemed to have complete reign over every facet of Liturgical worship in the church.

No doubt you know what’s coming next. The progressives who have more than just a loss of guidance but whose actions exhibit a complete lack of the Spirit altogether. I’ve been there, sat in on the theological courses myself and walked out of them. I left a course and forfeited my fees and I’d no job. I’d no time to listen to that crap because I came for a Catholic education and got an Anglican one.

This group is a real pain in the butt because they really honestly think their modernity is so appealing to the youth and really cool. If anyone has ever been to their ”prayer” meetings one can see it’s far from it and is the most cringing experience you will ever encounter.

The charismatic are so liberal in their theology that when I see them speaking in ”tongues” I often wonder the validity of such gifts and if they’re actually really blessed with this gift or just another bunch of self inflated egotistical misled souls.

I don’t know. Maybe God gave them this gift and is just patient with them and their ideas that women can be priests and contraception is a fine thing?

Look! both of these groups are viciously opposed to one another yet have a shared hatred of Pope Francis. The progressives try to twist what Pope Francis says to suit themselves and use him for their end goals and the traditionalists do the same. They’re both the same side of one coin.

Both of these groups want change and that change must result in what the church should look like from THEIR perspective but dare it be anything to do with what the Holy Spirit wants, only what they think the Holy Spirit wants.

There is a third group. I call this group the ”Well…balanced…Catholics”. These are the ones busy trying to navigate the narrow path and gauntlet of the left and ring wing trying to pull them over the fence to join them.

It is so hard to fight the spiritual battle presented before us without having to experience the utter drivel from these blind guides pushing their agenda and grabbing souls to join their crusade against church authority and all things Pope Francis ( and that hatred of Authority will change depending upon which group ascribe to.)

Who is the well-balanced Catholic? It’s hard to describe them. They are the ones who are usually more modern than the modernist and always more fundamental than the fundamentalist.

Posessing the wherewithal¬†to make the right decisions because they’ve either had the right spiritual guides or been purposely preserved by the Holy Spirit from making these errors. These Catholics are the true warriors of the faith who have not allowed themselves to fall into the hands of the devil who wears a great mask to disguise his heinous little ways. He decieves even the most elite minds of the church (tertullian to name but one) that’s how crafty he is.

So how do we fight these groups. How do we stand up against this tyrannical tidal wave of bad theology and personalities?

Irish Answer: A pint of guinness every day and the rosary.

The actual answer: You don’t stand up to them. You pray for them and you must above all WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION. Great advice from Saint Paul. work out your own salvation because you can’t save your neighbour if you are not in the process of getting saved yourself.

There is no need to start a video channel like Michael Voris or a news site like lifesitenews. All you have to do is go to mass once a week, pray your daily prayers, go to confession once a week and avoid all the clamour of both groups. If that means unfriending every single religious person on your facebook whose profile pic includes an image of Mary, Jesus or the local Bishop then so be it. But do what you can to preserve your peace because if you’re not at peace then you’re prayers are troubled and if your prayers don’t reach God then the whole world goes belly up.

God bless and please pray for me.











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You Don’t Have To Know The Faith To Escape Hell

If you’ve never known a cup of coffee before, its name ”coffee” or anything about and its source being obvlivous to you and I present it before you to drink what happens? You drink it, you taste it, you like it and as you grow to like it you may want to know more about it, perhaps just enough to know where it came from and its history. It may even evolve into wanting to know it so much that you study its entire history. I don’t know about you but I enjoy coffee. Don’t ask me the beginnings of it or inner workings of it. I know a little about it but it doesn’t prevent me from enjoying the coffee.

The coffee here is God. There is a false idea many of us fall victim to that we must know the faith to escape hell. In fact the reason I’m writing this post was because it was inspired by Michael Voris who repeatedly likes to drive home how much we need to know the faith in order to avoid hell. Forget about living the faith, we just really need to know everything about it. In fact I just don’t put the finger here and poor Michael I just beleive he is the victim of the American protestant culture which is heavy on being successful in the business world and education and that both of these things such as work and good education = salvation.In fact my wifes American father ( she is american also ) who is an entrepreneur goes by that exact saying ”Work = Salvation”. It seems to be the protestant American culture that working hard, putting your kids through college and learning as much as you can somehow makes you ”right with the Lord.” Although Catholicism and personally myself cannot emphasis enough a good education they are not a requirement for getting into Heaven.

In fact most of Our Lords major supernatural relationships was with the most uneducated and lowly of Saints such as St.Joseph of Cupertino who couldn’t read or write. He was reported to be as ”Dumb as rocks” yet he could levitate during prayer such was the closeness of his relationship with God. The little children of Fatima were just peasants as well as St.Bernadette of Lourdes who knew nothing about theology and I doubt either of these could read or write yet they were called to a deep relationship with God in a supernatural way. The list of uneducated Saints who Our Lord handpicked to be his role models of faith and love is endless simply because Our Lord is not interested in how much you ”know”. Yes he’ll give you knowledge it is afterall one of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and you can, like St.Thomas Aquinas, come to desire to know it all and still remain a saint. BUT it is not a requirement for Sainthood or to escape the fires of Hell. Those who say this are deciding for God who goes to heaven and who goes to Hell based on what they know.

Finally we must learn and know about the Sacrament of confession in order to actually attend it right? otherwise we risk going to Hell. That is true but you don’t even need to know this to develop and begin a relationship with God. We must drink the coffee first and be fed with knowledge about it later. Same with God, he wants us to come to him broken and stupid as we are and our approach does not have to have knowledge of the Catechism to precede this. He wants us to come to him as we are in our current state of utter sinfulness and messy wishee washee beliefs that we’ve accumulated due to our secularisational upbringing. We may still be addicted to Heroin, cocaine, drink, sex, porn, TV, anger….whatever it might be God wants us now and our relationship begins like a small seed planted in the ground, which then grows and grows stronger and the more we taste the more we might want to know. and all these things then Like a basic knowledge of the faith fall into place and the tree keeps growing the more we feed it with prayer and knowledge ( but not a worldly knowledge of God, not a worldly knowledge of theology it is a knowledge not like this world where we learn ABOUT God but Learn to LIVE INSIDE OF HIM. this is true knowledge aquired only through prayer).

Evagrios the Solitary in his 153 texts on prayer said ”If you are a theolgian you will pray truly and if you pray truly you are a theologian.”

So if you’re trying to search what the Catholic churches teaches online don’t do it. go first into the Church before the presence of Our Lord, light a candle and sit, kneel, stand whatever you like before him. Just do it and do it every day. You can talk if you want, you can stay silent if you want but just sit there for a while. Pick up a book about the lives of the Saints and those who God graced with a supernatural gift to converse with him as I am conversing with you now and I cannot recommend a modern mystic Vassula Ryden to you enough Thats what happened me. I’m still not perfect but I first walked into a church, picked up a rosary and began to pray. after weeks of this someone proposed confession to me and so I went as my relationship with God had already started to grow you see? so going to confession was like watering that seed enabling it to grow and so the relationship developed even more. This is all you need to do to go to Heaven. Go to Mass, go to confession, read the bible, pray the Rosary and adore Jesus in the Eucharist. if you lay down this foundation, and you grow to Love God everything else will fall into place and accepting a teaching you once thought was at odds with your secular values might perhaps be that little bit more bearable. If you want to like many great saints go to college and learn more about systematic theology and so on the by all means follow that calling but don’t allow the devil to fool you, like he has the protestants that gaining knowledge of the faith will get you to heaven as mentioned before the children of Fatima are proof you don’t need to. what you DO need to do however is to LIVE the faith but God doesn’t give a fiddlers fart what you know about him because he wants your hearts not your minds.

Don’t forget the most important thing of all that will be of enourmous help to you in your quest for Heaven and when you find yourself on the brink of insanity and that is…….a nice…..old fashioned…..cup of tea with a simple glance to the Icon of the Holy Theotokos such small gestures of comfort and love can raise your place in eternity forever.

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Heart Break Apologetics: Angry Catholics


Love is patient love is kind but it can also be tough too, pick you up and shake the dust of sin off your soul and put you in your place. However I feel that it is very important for us to take great care in how we present the faith to others. Souls are fragile and need great care. Each soul is different to the other so we need to be careful how we present the faith and in what way we present it to them. Not every soul is going to react the same way to some tough love or the gentle approach. It is important we become like shepherds who gather the flock and not scatter it.

I feel many people who offer too much tough love that goes beyond the border of charitable conversation tend to dig up the Saints to justify such behaviour. I have seen Michael Voris use St.Nicholas and Archbishop Fulton Sheen as two examples. I have even seen them dig up scriptural reference to Jesus over turning the tables and taking a whip in hand to run out of the house of God those profaning it.


During the Arian heresy that denied Our Lords divinity, it is recorded that Arius denied Christs divinity to St.Nicholas face. Nicholas was so overcome with anger that he smacked Arius in the face. This incident did of course upset the Bishops and they stripped St.Nicholas of his title as Bishop. That very night God gave all the Bishops the same dream to reinstate St.Nicholas. They woke up and of course obeyed Gods command to reinstate him as Bishop.

That’s where it leaves off and of course to anyone at face value people naturally assume God agreed with St.Nicholas behaviour. In fact we are left not knowing whether God did or did not so one would imagine its open for debate. I don’t think God agreed with that behaviour in the slightest. The desire of God to reinstate St.Nicholas as Bishop was his way of showing the other bishops that for such small matters as this it can be forgiven and one carry on in office. It was really that simple.


Michael Voris uses the example of this great Saint in order to justify shouting the faith at people. Michael told the story of how he was an altar boy for Sheen in the 70’s. One day after Mass whilst Fulton Sheen and Michael were in the Sacristy a hippy walked in and said something like “Father, I finally found a way to mash both Christianity and the eastern religions like Buddhism together”. Archbishop Fulton Sheen swooped around and screamed at the man ( quite loud and literally ) GET OUT! GET OUT! I am not going to hear this blasphemy so GET OUT!

I don’t know about you but not everything a saint does in the course of his life was a good decision. And I feel that Fulton Sheens decision here was very surprising but definitely not inviting. There was not need for the loud booming. He could have given to him gently or invited the man around for tea. Instead he scattered when there was ample opportunity to gather. I broke my heart but it still doesn’t mean he isn’t a Saint but I definitely didn’t like it.


Here we see an anger being expressed by Jesus that is bereft of all sin. It is whats known as Righteous anger. Each of us have this righteous anger ( not like Jesus whose anger is beyond ours ) but the Fathers in the philokalia recommend we don’t utilise it often as it we think is ok to do. Because for us fallen humans too much of anything isn’t good and certainly too much anger cannot be good for the soul as ( sinful and weak that we are ) righteous anger abused can lead to unrighteous anger and death. Too much of it can turn us into grumpy old men disgruntled with everything the church does or people say and we LASH out thinking we are doing The Lord a service when in fact by our treatment of others in such a way only adds to the mystical re-crucifixion of Jesus by our sinful behaviour. Because whatever we do to others we do to Jesus.

Allow me at this point to remind people that Jesus did not hit anybody or strike anyone. He took the whip to drive out the cattle but not to beat any person with. But of course I feel that Michael glances over all these things and he presents to us the idea that its natural to “be a man” and “get angry” with everything in the Church. This is not healthy advice and it is certainly at odds with what the Church fathers have to say. If anything it mimics the heresy of Jansenism front the 17th century.

Jansenism was a form of severe moral theology born in the 17th century by a French Bishop known as Jansen ( hence how the heresy got its name ). This moral theology was an angry one that shouted the faith to people and it was a pound the pulpit and scare the people into fearing God and so on. It would also teach you to refuse people confession more often. St.John Vianney was a victim of this severe moral theology and he had written that he was tired of having to send people away without absolution, that was until someone handed him a book of St.Alphonsus de Ligouris book of moral theology. This changed St.John Vianneys life around and he became the best confessor in all of his country and eventually became a Saint.

This is in huge contrast to the Michael Voris and Vericast on YouTube approach that has just sprung up recently in which it seems to adopt this kind of angry behaviour. I write this blog post because I met a victim of this kind of angry traddie behaviour online within an Irish website. This news website is quite liberal especially the readership and comment section. I often go in from time to time in order to shed some light in a very dark cave. Whilst in this cave on topic about an article to do with the Popes resignation, it receives quite a lot of nasty comments. So I head in and yes I can be firm sometimes but another catholic came in using a sledgehammer for the mere breaking of sand and calling all the people there stupid and morons. I told him to calm down and take a break. I said just take some pot shots and go home its not worth worrying yourself about.

He private messages me on Facebook and asks me do I know of a channel on you tube called vericast? It wasn’t until he said that that I realised were he was getting this anger from, and phrases such as “are you stupid?” And “moron”. Now I could fit the puzzle together. This is an angry apologetics that I absolutely disagree with. It has no basis in tradition or modern theology. It is am absolute blight upon the church and is doing it much harm.

But isn’t Michael right some of the time? Yes he is right a lot of the time, but its his tone of delivery and focus upon the mundane that is doing great harm I do believe. Now I am a proud man myself and in need of much grace of humbleness and humility but its important for us all to note that God resists the proud….even when they are right.

So my advice to everyone is to get back to prayer, take Michael in extremely small doses if you must watch him ( and I sometimes do and try to bypass his tone and behaviour ) and remember that every word we utter will be accounted for before The Lord, our tone of delivery and how we went about gathering in the sheep.

What about vericast? Please ignore this altogether, its really bad and a spiritual time bomb of destruction just waiting to go off. These kind of videos mimic the severe theology I spoke of earlier and if you find yourself watching them and having to wade through too much chaff to listen to the wheat then its time you gathered it all and threw it in the fire to be burned.

God bless

Domestic Monk.

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