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Is Religion The Most Poisonous Thing In The World? 

I am by the beach this morning having a drink when I see a status on my Facebook from a nice man. 

He proposed the idea that there is something much more dangerous in the world than spiders and snakes and that is religion and politics. 

When I was 19 years old full of vitality and wilfully immersed in secularism, I would have agreed with this considering that I was naturally taught that both cause trouble. 

Here is however what I think now and in comparison to then, the idea that religion and politics is the cause of all the world’s woes is so distant from the truth. 

As humans it’s naturally for us to blame someone for something. We blame our wife, kids, even inanimate objects for our pain. When we trip over a rock we say “stupid rock. Who put that there?” We call the rock stupid and seek out the person who put it there looking to blame them. 

If our eyes were open in the first place we wouldn’t have tripped over it.

We have a habit of creating a circle in which we are the centre and everything else is to blame. 

Religion is a broad term as it encompasses all religions but even religion isn’t to blame. Man himself is the blame for our misuse of it. 

There is a perfect religion out there and I won’t tell you I call it Catholicism it IS Catholcism. 

Men who don’t use it right misrepresent it. They  misuse it to an extent that one concludes ” This priest abused kids and therefore the Gospel he represents that tells us to love children is to blame” but who talks like that….crazy people right? It sounds so insane to arrive to such a conclusion but that’s because it actually is insane to do so. 

The knife on the table can be seen in it’s perfect sense a useful tool. But many use it for killing but the knife didn’t do a single thing. All it did was simply be itself.  It was man who decided he would use it for his own ends. Therefore man is to blame. 

As for politics this too can be misused when not practiced properly in light of the Gospel we can have a destructive society that wants to abort it’s children and euthanize it’s elderly. Where mans own needs and sexual desires precede that of truth is a recipe for disaster.

Hitler, Stalin and Mao are all people who butchered millions in the name of no religion but via a politically charged ideology. Again politics is not to blame. It is actually ordained by God and needed for the general holding together and structure of society when done the Orthodox way in light of his truth. 

When man stops placing himself at the centre of everything and abandons his ego and self esteem only then will he realise that he and his fellow men are the problem. 

But it is hard for us to view it that way when we’ve been spoon fed a delicious recipe to escape having to look at ourselves and like a baby too old for the breast it’s used to its not easy becoming weaned from self glorification. 

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