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True Life In God

I know many out there both the Orthodox and Catholics view True Life In God in a negative light. But there are also many Orthodox and Catholics who view it in a positive light. Such is the way of the Church from the beginning where many viewed Jesus in both a positive and then a negative light.

If the whole world believed we’d be a much better place but that’s never really the reality I’m afraid.

The same is true with both prophetical/private revelations. Private revelations can be ignored to the extent that they are great to look at but not really necessary in terms of our salvation, even so they require a certain amount of our respect.

But what about prophetical revelations such as Fatima? When it was ignored we had two world wars followed by Communism.

True Life In God is not just a private but prophetical revelation and like all the others it comes under fire and persecution by both the traditionalists and the modernists within the church in part because it does not preach what it is they want to hear.

All those criticisms can be answered here:

So before you think I’m going to entertain your onslaught of negativity towards it think again. My goodness how I’ve been through every argument against Vassula over the years none of which ever bore fruit of any kind.

I have come to the conclusion that True Life In God is for those who have ears to hear. You don’t wanna hear it? Change the channel, God will fall upon whom he wills.

It is not my duty to convince anyone nor is it Vassulas. True Life In God exists as an invitation to the Gods banquet and that is it really.

The messages play a big role in my life and conversion. If it were not for the messages I would not have returned to the Catholic faith and I’d be Orthodox long ago. I wouldn’t have this blog, my wife and kids and I’d be down in the pub looking for the next girl I can have a one night stand with.

It is the pillar and bulwark of my study of Orthodox Catholic Theology and became a sort of school of theology where Jesus himself taught me all about how to connect with him.

If it were not for the messages I would not be able to see the errors of both the left and the right in the church. I definitely wouldn’t and would have fallen into either of their hands but the messages kept me on the right path.

Even though in recent years I’ve wavered, the messages kept me on the loyal road. Always in the back of my mind my experience with the messages and everything that happened me was always there as a constant reminder I can go nowhere else.

I’d invite you to read them from Volume I-III at least. I have a spare copy somewhere of the complete volumes in one book if you care to take it from me all you need to do is comment, pay me only shipping via pay pal and I will ship it to you.

go to to read a brief background on Vassula.

God bless



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