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Is Religion The Most Poisonous Thing In The World? 

I am by the beach this morning having a drink when I see a status on my Facebook from a nice man. 

He proposed the idea that there is something much more dangerous in the world than spiders and snakes and that is religion and politics. 

When I was 19 years old full of vitality and wilfully immersed in secularism, I would have agreed with this considering that I was naturally taught that both cause trouble. 

Here is however what I think now and in comparison to then, the idea that religion and politics is the cause of all the world’s woes is so distant from the truth. 

As humans it’s naturally for us to blame someone for something. We blame our wife, kids, even inanimate objects for our pain. When we trip over a rock we say “stupid rock. Who put that there?” We call the rock stupid and seek out the person who put it there looking to blame them. 

If our eyes were open in the first place we wouldn’t have tripped over it.

We have a habit of creating a circle in which we are the centre and everything else is to blame. 

Religion is a broad term as it encompasses all religions but even religion isn’t to blame. Man himself is the blame for our misuse of it. 

There is a perfect religion out there and I won’t tell you I call it Catholicism it IS Catholcism. 

Men who don’t use it right misrepresent it. They  misuse it to an extent that one concludes ” This priest abused kids and therefore the Gospel he represents that tells us to love children is to blame” but who talks like that….crazy people right? It sounds so insane to arrive to such a conclusion but that’s because it actually is insane to do so. 

The knife on the table can be seen in it’s perfect sense a useful tool. But many use it for killing but the knife didn’t do a single thing. All it did was simply be itself.  It was man who decided he would use it for his own ends. Therefore man is to blame. 

As for politics this too can be misused when not practiced properly in light of the Gospel we can have a destructive society that wants to abort it’s children and euthanize it’s elderly. Where mans own needs and sexual desires precede that of truth is a recipe for disaster.

Hitler, Stalin and Mao are all people who butchered millions in the name of no religion but via a politically charged ideology. Again politics is not to blame. It is actually ordained by God and needed for the general holding together and structure of society when done the Orthodox way in light of his truth. 

When man stops placing himself at the centre of everything and abandons his ego and self esteem only then will he realise that he and his fellow men are the problem. 

But it is hard for us to view it that way when we’ve been spoon fed a delicious recipe to escape having to look at ourselves and like a baby too old for the breast it’s used to its not easy becoming weaned from self glorification. 

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Do Not Scare Your Children Into Loving God


My sister’s husband left her for another woman. It was an affair that went on for 4 years. Both her and her children for 20 years grew up in an atheist household. He wasn’t religious at all, pro abortion and so my sister naturally absorbed this separation and embraced the secular life.

As of recent she has come back to the Sacraments of the Church. I met her today as I walked out of the church having said my penance following confession she was just coming in. ”Is it too late for confession?” ”No” I replied and she rushed by me to be the last one in as the priest was just leaving.

I ventured out and noticed the jeep with two of the three children in the back. I jumped in and the first thing I said to the 16/17-year-old niece was ”Are ye not going to go in as well?”. They looked at me in shock and Her response was chilling, she said ”No, I don’t have anything to confess I’m fine and anyway no teenagers go to confession anyway. ”

I wasn’t surprised by the response though given that she’s grown up not being in the habit of going to Mass and confession. You see, as a Christian, we must make the regular attendance of the Sacraments a habit. When we form good habits and make them our masters, navigating the spiritual life is made a little easier.

Therefore if you’re a parent who neglects your vows at the altar to raise your children Catholic and are not yourself sincere in your own practice of the faith, then your children will always follow you as you become their teacher from birth. Whatever it is they see you love, they also will love. Whatever it is they see you cling to they will also cling to.

Therefore if you love money and make this the centre of your life rather than as a means to an end, your children will become hard and cold like money because that’s what they learn to love just like you.

To add insult to injury, the kids at school and their peers also become their teachers and there is nothing but conflict of thought when they come home to you because all of your ”wills” are weakened by lack of Grace, prayer and the Sacraments.

My niece doesn’t understand the concept of sin and what it is because she hasn’t been taught so she naturally thinks that she’s not a bad person. In addition to this confusion she is the victim of collective thought in which her decisions are made based on what the culture and youth of her age surrounding her decide is trendy and what isn’t.

It is much more difficult to rescue a teenager whose parents have not formed good habits and passed them onto their children, much more difficult.

My mother happened to be in the car and she went for the jugular by saying ”You have to go, other wise you will face God at the end of your life and you could go to hell” or something to that effect.

This is the old school tactic of getting your kids to confession. It makes God out to be a nasty unmerciful God to the modern-day person. It’s useless.

There is a more modern approach to this that has many avenues in dealing with it. I also practice this in my telesales and business to business sales job. Instead of persuading the person to do business with me and qualify them with my product. ”You need this” or ”my product is a great fit for you”, I play hard to get and I apply this primarily in my approach to get others to come back to the Church.

I disqualify the person and play the hard to get card. I give the impression that I’m not altogether bothered if you want to go to confession or not but….here’s some thoughts. I will dig deeper into the person by making it look like I respect their decision, then I allow them to tell me more by saying ”yeah hmm, you wanna tell me more why you think you’re not a bad person?”. It creates an immediate ”This person is not trying to persuade me to go to confession, but genuinely respects my boundaries.”

Then you follow-up more and I responded to my niece by proposing why I thought she felt that she wasn’t a bad person and why she didn’t feel the need for confession. She was open to listen why? Because of the language of reciprocity led her to behave that way.

Basically the language of reciprocity works this way, I gave her something, the opportunity to air her views, now she want’s to reciprocate this by giving me the chance to present my thoughts and this is what is known as the language of reciprocity.

I explained that the reason she doesn’t believe in sin is because her concept of good and evil is limited and she’s never really studied what sin is. We are all bad people and there’s no such thing as squeaky clean soul, even the Pope needs confession and he’s the Pope. Secondly, if I turned on a cooker and it was hot, would you touch the hob? Of course not because it would burn your hand. The consequences are immediate upon touching it.

In comparison to this the consequences of sin are more obscure and hidden. We don’t realise them until we die and we don’t see the wars, accidents and natural disasters around us that are caused by the collective sins in the world both mortal and venial.

Because we don’t see these consequences and when we indulge in the sin of gossip, we are less careful of avoiding it like we are putting our hand into a fire because it has no immediate physical effect on us when we sin. If we indulged in gossip and broke out in boils and developed leprosy, we’d never gossip would we?

This was the gist of my response to her and she seemed more receptive of this than ”Get into confession, it’s your catholic faith that s why and you’ll die one day and face God, what are you gonna say then huh?”

Scare tactics don’t work so don’t scare your children into loving God, rather help them embrace loving God instead through open dialogue that develops a healthy atmosphere of calm and trust.

I do it when I’m selling products all the time. I never try to convince the person that I’m right and they’re wrong or convince them of the product. I allow them to sell it to themselves by asking them about challenges they’re facing in that department. Some may say they’re not facing any challenges and fine where they are and so this is why I invite the person to trust me that if we dig a little deeper we could find a problem.

It’s the same with my niece. In a roundabout way, I invite her to dig deeper and question her own thoughts about the Sacrament of confession by proposing my own suggestions. I plant seeds all the time in the persons mind so that when I revisit them a week later, they may be inside the confession box keeping it warm for me and a total change has occured.

For example in my sales job I never EVER sell something over the phone or on the first visit. I call them up, plant the seed and then when I call them a week later they say ”You know, I was thinking about that price you gave and what you said about X,Y and Z and you know what? I think I’ll go ahead with that.”

So there you have it, plant seeds and pray for them. Your prayers is what waters the seed and it’s up to the Grace of God to let it grow further.









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A Majority Of Atheists Hate Their Fathers. 

We cannot speak for all Athiests but to deny experiences effect our psyche and ultimately determine our decision making in life, would be to do so out of if ignorance. Of course our experiences through life effect us either immediately or later on in years.

A lot of decisions we make in life especially ones of gigantic proportions such as religion or no religion at all, are largely due to our upbringing and the environment in which we were brought up. 

Through my experiences most atheists I’ve met have had bad relationships with their fathers, come from a divorced family or a mixture of both. 

A family member of mine to begin with, his father beat him to within an inch of his life when he was young. He just picked on him because out of all his brothers he was the least admirable according to his father at the time. 

By the time he was 16 years old, he fell into the world of music and became a writer and singer. He’d often dye his hair different colors and became indifferent with God and church altogether. He’s in his 50s now and he still doesn’t go to church or practice his religion at all. 

His children are also atheist and non church goers. As the old Irish saying goes “what’s in the cats in the kitten”. Which brings me to insert here that not all atheists comes from broken homes or have a bad relationship with their father but usually are brought up in this world that way because their own father is the one who had a bad relationship with his father and so on. 

Another example is of three guys I know whose fathers were a drunk and beat their mother up or them also after a night of heavy drinking. One of these men actually shot his father dead when he was a wee boy as he couldn’t watch his father treat his mother that way anymore. 

What’s my point and what am I trying to get at I hear you ask and how does this lead to a denial of God existence? Well God as we know is a loving father. Therefore many of these men view having to call anyone father as a task of the impossible especially a loving father such as God. 

Therefore how do you present the idea of a Holy Family and Loving God the Father to someone who comes from a broken home or whose father left them at an early age and beat them up? They’ve never experienced the love of a father or a concrete family so how do you approach them With the words “Our Father who art in heaven”. That prayer alone is enough to churn their stomach. 

Next time you’re talking to an atheist and you’re aware of their past with their father, bring it up. Ask them is it possible that because they’ve lived a life without the love of a father, they find the Christian religion of a loving God the father Father most abhorrent? Either they’ll go into fight more or flight. What I mean is they’ll either get angry at you for daring to suggest it or they’ll dodge the question and shrivel up inside and walk away. 

Whatever they decide to choose ( either fight or flight ) it proves that it’s not you or what you said that’s annoying them but their conscience. For the darkness hates the light because it exposes them and they fear this light because it may mean they be converted and healed of their sickness. 

Have you read the story of Cain and Abel in the bible? God is their father, he favours Abel and Cain feels his father treats him unfairly. He kills his brother and then hides from God. He eventually turns his back on God and so the spirit of Cain begins. Atheists ( Cain ) view their own fathers the same way and of course they feel the same way about God himself as someone who restricts their freedom to do as they please. Like Cain they’re hiding from God and when asked to give account for their behaviour or atheism they present their cover and excuses via their philosophical arguments just like Cain did with God. “Am I my brothers keeper?” Cain says. And so the mark of Cain lives on and I see it in atheists. Every time an atheist is challenged and I hear him say ” well just because I can’t prove God doesn’t exist does that mean he exists? ” I hear Cain “how would I know? Am I my brothers keeper?” Excuses excuses. 

So how do we evangelise atheists? You don’t. You simply leave them be and pray for them because belief in God is a Grace of God, a grace we need daily all of us and that we pray for the world to have. So pray. 

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Have you ever noticed how many musicians hate religion?

I once was a musician. I have good insight therefore into that type of so-called liberal world of the ”arts”. I can safely say I did always believe in the afterlife and God as a musician/singer/songwriter, but that didn’t prevent me from being infected from the so-called liberal agenda of the popular culture at the time. Even though I had reservations about the practice of homosexuality, it didn’t really bother me all that much. Same with contraception ( although abortion for me was always definitely out the window ). But I guess the contraceptive mentality didn’t bother me then as it does now.

So within this circle, I’ve noticed how musician after musician was just as liberal as the rest. Most of which were secular to the extreme and very atheist/agnostic. I simply cannot find a solution as to why the arts crowd are like this. I do know that many musicians ( like myself ) would write songs bashing what we considered to be ”the norm”. Anything that was ”normal” or mundane like the Soccer player with his football Jersey and wife with loads of fake tan was abominable and to be avoided and certainly wrote about/made fun of in our songs. But on the face of it, we can all pretty much admit that the working classes, middle classes and upper classes, regardless of how they viewed each other in their respective classes, were pretty much infected by secularism anyway at every level. What I mean is that they all ( including musicians ) were normal because they pretty much held to the same secular philosophies bombarded upon us from the Ivory Towers ( note: the ivory towers are the world of academia, such as darwin and Fredrick Neitschze ). They all agreed on evolution, contraception, abortion, practice of homosexuality and every other thing imaginable. But with all that taken note of, they ( the musicians and artsy intellectual crowd ) and the rest of society would be pretty much divided on the subject of Jesus Christ with the latter retaining much belief in God regardless of being infected with the secular/pagan world view of things. 

So here I was, approaching my conversion to Christianity. I began to question society and it’s way of thinking. I ( who always fought against what I felt was the norm ) began to wonder whether or not I am going along with the norm. When I became Christian I finally felt what true ”liberality” was. I found what going against the norm really meant in Christ. That those who ”claim” they are going ”against” the so-called ”system” of the day are in fact the ”system” itself. They are normal, and are fighting true freedom. Because lets face it, it is the norm to put our faith into scientific theories, contraception, practice homosexuality. It is the norm to hate one another, make fun of the different societal classes ( Poor, Middle and Rich ). It is the norm to disgrace our bodies with impure actions upon ourselves, to flaunt the flesh. We are caught up in the wind of ”Free to do whatever I like honey” and not the wind of understanding which is, ”Freedom is to do what I ought to do, not whatever I want to do. ”

What is not the norm then? Well its pretty much the opposite of all the sins I just mentioned. It’s not the norm to Imitate Jesus Christ and follow the Saints examples. Its not the norm to Love and cherish each other in society and speak the truth and you get it by now I’m sure.

Lets get back now to why we think musicians/arts crowd are the way they are. I can safely say having been a musician myself, most musicians are ”thinkers”. Like Richard Dawkins, musicians idolize the human mind. It is their god so-to-speak. They have it all ”mapped” out in life and have developed their own moral code for themselves. We can see how pride really lured us musicians into the pit of moral relativism and thinking great of ourselves. Like most ”thinkers” they have it all sussed out. Of course there are ways of showing them the errors of their atheism and moral relativist ways, but do they really want to listen? The answer to that question is always a resounding NO. Because one thing I have noticed about atheists/agnostics is that its not that it is a matter of sufficient evidence for them, there is all that, its just that they simply do not WANT to believe in God. Its a matter of wanting to find the truth or being caught in the illusory notion that your ”happy” in the much you lay in.

This particular crowd are often so ”tolerant” of other people apparently, according to your religion, race or sex. But I recall ( after my conversion ) having a conversation with the manager of a music venue in my town on the topic of ”abortion”. He simply said to me ”Excuse me but you have just walked into the most liberal publican house in TOWN”. What was he essentially saying? He was saying ”Get out, leave, I find you and your religion intolerable”. This being the man who apparantly is sooo ”tolerable” of everyone regardless of religion, race or sex. But I retorted ”Well if your so liberal and ”free” then why wont you allow me to have my say?”

Let me just finish up by saying I don’t have any friends from any class anymore ever since becoming Christian. When we refuse to conform to the norm, that’s the gift we are given, the gift of knowing who your friends are and what the true meaning of love is, and I find that in the abandonment of Jesus by his friends on the Cross.

God bless

Domestic Monk.













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