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The Theology Of Roman Catholics On First Holy Communion

There are some theological innovations of Roman Catholics I actually like. Adoration is one of them. There are some theological innovations however that Christ puts up with because the church have the keys but that make no sense to those of us in the East.

When administering the Sacraments they used to do what the Orthodox do which is Baptize, give Holy Communion and Confirmation all in one go. Now it has become a case of separating all of these.

I don’t know why that began but the theological arguments I’ve heard from both east and west in its simplest form is as follows.

The East argue that Jesus says let the little children come to me and do not refuse them. The Western Church seem to use St.Pauls argument that unless someone can truly recognise the Eucharist as the Body of Christ they shouldn’t be admitted. Therefore until the child reaches the age of reason, they should not be admitted.

It appears that the Roman Catholic one makes sense. Nobody is refusing the children in their regard because we are just doing what is in their interests.

Years ago I thought about this. Honestly things like this would make me just sit and think all day because I love arguing against stuff for the sake of arguing. If arguing was a sport I’d have a cabinet full of trophies.

I came up with something that so far seems to be legit and I’ve held fast to this day as a logical argument against the Roman Catholic practice.

Does a mother refuse her child the breast because he doesn’t understand it? He has no concept of what it is, breast, nipple, milk, ¬†yet it’s food that is necessary for his growth. It is the same with the Holy Eucharist. Does the Lord refuse himself to the little child? No of course not because The Lord, like a good mother will give his sons the food of eternal life which is necessary for his spiritual growth in this world.

So what about St.Paul? If Jesus says don’t stop the children from coming to me and St.Paul argues that we shouldn’t admit those who do not recognize the Body of Christ then can scripture contradict itself? Truth cannot contradict truth so why then are Children an exception to this rule? Because the very fact they’re naturally ignorant makes them exempt but not excluded from the Mystical Supper of the Lord.

It’s one of the innovations of Roman Catholics that I will never be able to comprehend and make sense of.




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The Roman Catholic Parish Council

I really don’t know if this always existed but I’ve never looked at it in a good light. When among some people who saw my interest in the Orthodox Church increase, they began little attempts to keep me in the Catholic Church.

They’re kind people and I love them dearly but they’d often employ little tactics like asking me to come do photographs for them. I knew my photographs were rubbish and I am not a good photographer but they’d invite me to photograph their events.

The idea was to try and get me involved in a Catholic community and make friends. Nicely done and it’s true that if you spend long enough time in a Community either Orthodox or Catholic there’s a stronger chance you’ll stay or convert depending upon your existing situation.

Another one this local guy tried was to get me to go to cursillo. I don’t know how Cursillo is celebrated in other countries but here it’s full of old people (not that there’s anything wrong with old people they’re wiser than most of us and have my respect). They sing Christian pop songs from the 1980s and I just….no. I’d never do it.

So he tried a different angle and tried to get me onto the parish council. I was brought along one night where they all vote you into the council and you’re supposed to feel now that you’re one of the gang and special now that you’re part of a solution to make the parish stronger.

I actually went along to this one because I was curious what went on in the council and what type of people attended it. It was all lay people and a lot of women. The women out numbered the men.

My first parish council meeting I came in and sat down and the lady said ”Now we will pray before we start the council. I’d like to start with the cd of this guy *she names him* who is pretty good.” So she hits play on the button and on comes this guy singing pure country music with a steel guitar behind him singing ”Jesus I lurrrvvveeeee youuuuuuuu”

I’m not joking you my heart sunk within me and I cringed for these people. I found myself looking around the room for a quick exit but I couldn’t show any disrespect to them all the same because I loved them so I endured the meeting for that alone.

I suddenly realised you know what? Even though that show Father Ted is a horrible anti Catholic show, it kinda has the roman Catholic church down to a T. They are right, it’s full of buffoons and for every character in Father Ted you’re guaranteed a real life replica in the church.

The priest beside me shows me a Cross a local guy made and he laughed and said ”Do you want one of these, they’re terrible”. Keeping silent I took the cross and blessed myself with it and that was enough to let him know he was being arrogant. This man made this cross, it may not look great but he did it out of love and heres this guy making fun of it and trying to act the cool dude around me. Dear me I just wanted to get out of there.

Parish councils are not great simply because they’re full of people from the world. It’s not good to have a worldly mindset running the church because that’s where you get communion in the hand, rubbish protestant gospel choirs and the easter bunny sitting on the altar beside Jesus from.

They may love the church but they’re not supposed to be running it. I hear you saying ”ah but stephen Jesus calls everyone to follow him” that is true yet he chose only twelve and one person to run the church for him. Ok so these apostles all had a past but they were the closest to Christ more so than the man on the ground. By the end of their Journey with Christ they were spiritually tuned in.

Opening up the Church to the laity and for them to run it is a bad idea. It is especially bad when they’re women as they tend to be the most liberal and they’ve feminised everything that it is no longer a church for men anymore but extremely feminine.

This is why I don’t go to Catholic bible studies, meetings, parish councils, retreats because they’re actually doing the opposite of what they’re trying to achieve which is to convert. I just go to my Mass once a week, pray, go on my own retreats and read my theology at home. Right now if anything is keeping me in the church and has me hanging on by the fingernails it’s that.








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Eucharistic Ministers In The Roman Catholic Church

I refuse to receive from a Eucharistic Minister or a lay person unless in cases of emergency.

I think the idea that they’re needed because the priest needs a little ”help” is ridiculous. Why a group of 100 people cannot wait in line for communion with one priest at the rail gives me cause for concern for this current snowflake generation.

A Greek friend of mine told me about the Bishop of Constantinople who served a group of over 10,000 people and the chalice did not leave his hands once.

In addition to all this the whole female ministers has a very protestant feel about it does it not? It’s obvious that the progressive side of the church are trying to push for a female priesthood and it’s invention of altar girls and female Eucharistic Ministers is evidence of this.

This is why every single time I look at these ministers I can only see the people who are behind it which is many. I’ve met them and they are in high positions within the church even the local head of the diocese who is head of education here confided in me in secret meeting with him all these things.

I’ve chased these people in Mater Dei Institute on what was being taught on a parish level, and I’ve been googled by the mater dei institute shortly afterwards. The search terms I found in my stats was ”Stephen Mc Elligott Theology” and the source? ”Mater Dei Institute”.

I’ve really annoyed these people in the past but I’ve thrown in the towel. It’s too big of a fight for a small time guy like me and they’re much stronger than us on the ground. So much cover up goes on it’s not worth the hassle.

Another reason not to receive from Eucharistic Ministers is that many of them don’t go to confession or have an understanding of mortal and venial sin and the need to confess this like the priest does. Therefore many are just approaching the Eucharistic in less than desirable conditions. I know it sounds judgmental but if you spent five minutes with some of them you’d understand my concerns. I receive from the Priest because that’s whose job it’s always been.

The Roman Catholic church is a very difficult one to navigate but the Eucharistic minister although permitted was most likely given permission by the Pope under much pressure from the liberal left in the church the same as with altar girls.

There’s a lot of dangerous men in the church. When I say dangerous I’m talking about clergy you’ve shaken hands with and you’ve no idea who they actually are behind the curtain. They are a silent lot and they don’t like me because unlike Michael voris and the rest of them, I’ve done a lot of damage to them behind the scenes with my letters and emails. However they’ve always managed to find themselves a way out which is why I just gave up.






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