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The Unusual Promotion Of Rock Music In The Liturgy 

This morning I viewed a video on YouTube by soul seekers of a cistercian community in Austria who cut a record with universal of chant they perform. 

It reached the top ten in several countries and went platinum 7 times and as a result is visible proof if ever there was any that people prefer this and are looking for the spiritual in their lives. 

Yet still young people attempting to evangelize other young people are still choosing this music for their divine liturgies. Priests who are lazy will pick a woman with a guitar to sit on the altar and bash out a few tunes because it’s easier than the work involved organising a choir. 

But young people are not stupid and they’d prefer it if the Irish Catholic Church were more honest with them about who they are. The youth are clever, I was young too and I remember listening to this music thinking that the church is being dishonest with me. It just wants to use popular culture to convert me but this isn’t really what the church is at all. So I walked away from it. Notice that I didn’t protest like I do  now I just slowly fell away from the church because it didn’t provide me with it’s true beauty and a sincere reverence for it’s own teaching. 

Im not the only one, many young people are walking away and standing at the door because they to realise this but where else can they go? It’s not like the youth have a choice because to them it’s the true Church. 

My wife recently spoke with a priest about my desire to join the Orthodox church and his response was very relativistic. He said that the icons, incense and liturgy can be very appealing to different temperaments. 

Again Roman Catholicism has relativist views when it comes to the Liturgy. 

It says ” it’s all about what you like and what you like may not be what I like and what I like may not be what you like but that is ok “. 

There was a time when the church has discipline and structure as well as Love. But now there is no discipline and this has actually been the main cause of Irish Catholicism downfall. Not the sex scandals but abandonment of discipline and structure. It’s inability to maintain this secured it’s declining numbers. 

Using culture is if course very important when it comes to evangelization but there is a healthy use of it and then an unhealthy abuse of it. 

The Irish Catholic church needs to know where to draw the line and I think the Orthodox who have maintained this balance can show them a thing or two.

The rock music isn’t bad it just needs to be removed from the church buildings and reserved for retreat or recreational worship. It is time for the church to at least reclaim back the parish church in the musical area. 

I love rock music and I love pop music. My van is full of CDs from credence Clearwater revival, Coldplay, the byrds etc etc and you’ll be hard to find anything classical. But if I were to play the same music in a big cathedral or church setting it would look so out of place. It would be like wearing shorts and a floral shirt at a business meeting. 

Stop the abuse of the Liturgy. Enjoy your Jesus rock music but take it elsewhere. The sales of the Austrian monks CDs prove you’re on the wrong track and it’s time you grow the humility necessary to accept that your music isn’t helping anyone. 

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Catholicism And Modern Art

It’s not that I dislike it as the headline suggests but what it has transformed into. The only way I can describe Modern Catholicism is how I’d describe modern art. It’s just a stroke of paint on the wall, it’s not art its way too simple to be art. You can’t just put a pair of glasses on the ground and call it art.

Catholicism like modern art has become void of all substance, meaning and the mystical. In its quest of compromise with the secular/pagan world in order to help bring about an easier conversion by making life easier for us all, it has become further disconnected from a world that already despises it.

Today I revisited this pain when I went to my local church at 3pm. They spent 10 minutes saying prayers for Good friday which consisted of the Divine Mercy chaplet at 3pm and then they all went home. I got back in the car and said to my wife ”You know down in the Greek Catholic and Orthodox parishes in Dublin they’re only getting started and ours is over already?”

Afterwards there’s no community. No coffee or chance to socialize like in Orthodox parishes. Everyone just makes a dash for the door and it’s considered to be an end to the obligation.

I almost felt like I should have just stayed at home and lit some candles to have our own 3pm Holy Hour.

Tomorrow I plan to go to my Ukrainian Greek Catholic parish an hour away in Dublin. I just can’t go through easter without experiencing some kind of closeness to God. The Roman Catholic Church just fails miserably at any attempt to lift a soul off the ground and bring it to God via the Divine Liturgy. They don’t even call it Divine Liturgy which has a much better ring to it than ”Mass”. The word Mass means nothing it’s mad.

I know it sounds mad, even Jesus I bet thinks it sounds mad when we say this is the church that’s the true Church.

Tomorrow I will be greeted by the smell of incense, singing, chant, imagery and tradition in which body language also plays a part in our prayer towards Christ in the tomb.





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The Roman Catholic ”Childrens Liturgy”

I’ve always avoided this at Roman Catholic Masses and I’ve written about it here before I’m sure of it. But the time has come to have a good old rant at it again.

Last week a woman approached me with the invitation to bring the kids to their childrens Liturgy which I politely declined. ”No thanks my kids wouldn’t be interested in that”. Nice lady but it’s not the time nor the place either to explain why I think the childrens liturgy its a ball of horse manure.

You’re going to suspect I’m being a legalist with what is about to follow however there’s legalism (please see my most recent post before this on legalism) and then there’s necessary intervention that has to do with the salvation and formation of ones soul. I will speak about why it’s a good idea and why its a bad idea.

The children’s Liturgy is not a liturgy so you should stop calling it that for a start. They go back there to talk about the Lord and todays reading and to color in a few pictures. They are removed from the Mass and into the sacristy. The priest greets them on the altar with a childrens bible and off they go. A Liturgy has a priest present at it.

A Good Idea 

It’s a good idea to discuss today’s Gospel with children and draw pictures in a group.

A Bad Idea 

It’s a bad idea because it removes them from the Mass. This is the Sacrifice of the Mass and the children should be present for the duration of it all. Yes their little minds should endure the mundane sometimes not clever homily of some of the priests. After all why should only the parents have to suffer it?

Joking aside children need to learn discipline and most of all attend THE mass and not be removed from it. It’s like its a creche for the parent incapable of coping with a difficult child. I can see the parish council meeting, I don’t have to be there to see how they come up with this. Basically I bet it’s something along the lines of ”parents needs a break from those children.

Parents are unable to enjoy Mass and listen to the Gospel and homily because little jack keeps running up and down the isle and throwing tantrums. We should therefore create a little space for the parents to enjoy the mass.

Guess what? It will be great for the kids because they will be more focused in a group of their own and learn a lot about the Gospel that they wouldn’t have done when at the Mass before the priest whose homily they don’t understand (neither do we parents as it happens).

It sounds so good and as a parent so tempting to just bite into that forbidden fruit because it looks so good. It’s a really good presentation but guess what? It’s still theologically wrong and even scandalous to remove them from the Mass.

This woman had to ask me for my children. Only two sundays previous another woman asked but nobody ever asked before. In my days of attending these masses nobody ever asked but now it suddenly dawned upon me that nobody is going to them anymore. This is why they ask because nobody is giving their children over to it anymore.

They’ve copped on perhaps that it’s wrong who knows? But this is the thing with modern progressivists in the church and my diocese is extreme in its liberal theology. Their ideas which they put into practice only ever end up being attended by themselves. They die eventually of their own accord. It’s kinda like what St.Pauls teacher gamilieal said about the Christian movement that if what they’re doing is the truth it will spread and nobody will ever be able to stop it. But if it a lie it will die of it’s own accord like all the others.

It’s the same with progressive movements in the church. The really ugly modern buildings looked and sounded great in the 80s as did all the guitars and folk music. People latched onto the idea in the beginning but eventually it began to die over the years. Now young people are hungry for the mystical in the church of which they’re still not getting.

So they look for it elsewhere perhaps in the Orthodox or Greek Catholic churches or they find it in sects like sedevacantism and the SSPX both groups of which are an enormous pain in the ass and just the opposite extreme to the other.

So where do we go from here? Just what is the solution to the childrens Liturgy? Have it after mass and see how many parents are interested. But of course this was probably brought up at the parish council ( a council of lay people most of whom havn’t seen the inside of a confession box in years and most likely don’t believe in it. ) ”No we couldn’t have it after mass because nobody would go, we’ll have it at mass that’s the best time”.

So what then is the solution here, To stop having a children’s Liturgy altogether?





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Palm Sunday: Did You Welcome Him With Joy Too?

We all live out Palm Sunday at some point in our lives. All of us welcomed the Lord into Jerusalem (Our hearts, souls and minds) in the beginning.

Up on cloud nine rolling around like a pig splashing in the mud rolling around all the rosaries, crucifixes and bowls of incense. Visiting every church that we come across. No desire for conversation with anyone unless it’s about…..JESUSSSSSSS. Yeah that’s a perfect description of us all.

Then when the dust settles, some of us either are on the verge of becoming a mystic, or a crazy (like me) and even turn on the Lord and abandon him altogether.

For others we go on a retreat and we are so high on the Graces that Jesus showers upon us that we love and forgive everyone their faults whilst confessing our own. Then we arrive home from pilgrimage only to turn back into a monster that avoids Jesus at every turn.

One could say we are always welcoming Jesus and rejecting Jesus in a sense.

Hosanna in the Highest!!! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosanna in the Highest!!! Yes great, but do you really welcome Jesus in those who represent him today?

Jesus comes to us many times throughout the day in those whom he loves. This could be the atheist, muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc etc but do you welcome them, or…reject them, avoiding them altogether?

Sometimes we welcome people who are of benefit to us. Perhaps they’re a millionaire and we want to form a relationship with them in the hopes they will cure our poverty?

When you think about it, that’s what the people who welcomed Jesus at first thought. They thought this humble man on a donkey was going to be of benefit to them. He would perform the miracle and make this roman empire disappear and they’d be freed from oppression. It wasn’t until they realised they weren’t getting what the wanted that they turned on him in the end.

We do the same, like the people did with Jesus here, we welcome people only because we want to use them. We never see them, only what we can get out of them, whether that be money or emotional comfort all we see is ourselves but rarely do we see the person or Jesus.

What I’m asking you is to look hard yourself and ask the question, Am I welcoming Jesus, or am I just looking for him to answer all my prayers. If after a few rosaries I don’t get a shiny new car I’ll turn on him and abandon him. We’ve all been there.

God bless





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Finding A Spiritual Confessor

People write books about how to find a spiritual confessor. I’ve never found one but here’s a very short tip on how you know you’re not quite there yet:

If you go into confession with a priest and you ( a terrible unholy sinner that ye are ) end up giving him spiritual advice its time to move on.

The times are hard as most priests are only interested in playing Golf and watching the GAA.  If you go to confession sometimes you will hear ”Ah you’re a good lad really and there’s no badness in you, say an Our Father for your penance and now you’re act of contrition please ”. This is another sign you’re in with the wrong kind of priest.

Anyone who praises you in confession and overlooks the bad things you’ve done and doesn’t in gentleness discuss this with you is more blind than you are and you should probably pack your breadcrumbs and move on. If you cannot move on and he’s the only priest in the village, then you should by all means keep going to confession. BUT……… keep praying God will send you someone decent. priests like this are just evidence that many are called but few are actually chosen.

There’s also this new age thing going on where they meditate like the Hindus and introduce Chinese or Japanese meditation techniques at retreats.

I remember going to a prayer group one night where the priest talked about Eastern meditation ( no…not the Eastern Christian kind ) and instructed us to breath in and out.

It wasn’t really going anywhere other than breathing in and out and getting light headed. I was left wondering at what point will all the ladies throw their gold rings and necklaces into the center of the group so we can all make a golden calf out of it but to my surprise it never happened.

Look….Life in the western church is hard but if you buy the right kind of wine its made that little bit easier.













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The Reason For The Declining Numbers In Vocation To Be A Priest

Many in the Church of today view the decline in the number of young men signing up to be a Priest and have several theories as to why. At least in Ireland ( where I am situated ) many seem to put it down to the Roman Churches discipline of celibacy. Others seem to think it is the scandals within the Church that make young men shy away from the Priesthood. All of these reasons are not true at all.

In the Eastern Catholic Churches men are allowed to first marry and then become a priest. And even though married clergy exist, they are very few and there are more celibate eastern priests than married. Looking back at what Saint Paul said in scriptures one can see why.

The scandals may play a small part in it I must admit, but here is my 2 cents as to what my theory about it is.

A major part of the reason for the decline is the desire by the Church ( and it varies in different countries ) to have men who are of noble intellectual character. For example: to join the Jesuit order one has to at least have his high school leaving certificate ( not sure what they call it in the states ) and at least 2 years university behind him before they even at least consider him for their order. All other places desire that you at least have finished high school before they even consider you as a ”brother” of their order.

Wow . . . That is a far cry from Jesus who called St.Peter a fisherman and St.Matthew a tax collector isn’t it? There you have it, our first Pope was a fisherman who probably didn’t even know how to read or write. They were not chosen for their great ”minds” but for their great ”hearts”. It is the heart the Lord sees and nothing else. If the Church spent more time examining the prayerful and moral disposition of these men as opposed to being concerned with whether or not they are a scientist or spent 15 years studying psychology, then maybe we would have more priests than we do now and good ones too.

Don’t pick me up the wrong way here because I recognize education to be important and the intellectual formation of the individual potential priest into theology to be important also. But in the East the priest is given a little formation in theology and Liturgy and so on and then sent out to do the good work of the Lord. After years of discerning and proving his worth in the seminary, that was it, he was ready.

But most of these guys don’t even get to the seminary because they have not finished high-school. And what is the result of all this ”great mind” searching the Church has done over the centuries? I’ll tell you what its done, we have now ended up with Priests and theologians who are working for the Church and don’t even believe in most of the Faith and Morals of the Church, even whilst on their seminary journey to ordaination these potential priests and crying out for women to be ordained, something banned by the universal magisterium.

I met one such theologian ( a doctor with a PHD ) who said to me that he believed women could be priests. That most of the Bible is a myth and I heard also that he is a fan of contraception too. When I confronted him about it he said: ”I have studied for years and years in the pontifical academy of Rome, I know what I’m talking about”. I was like, ”Yeah and St.Peter was a fisherman.”

Have you ever heard of the term ”Intelligently Stupid”? Because it applies to most people around the world today. My father told me of this term when I tried to tell him that apparently all these scientists theories are good and they are more intelligent than us. He said ”son, have you never heard of the term ”Intelligently stupid?”. So. . . of the little priests and theologians we do have, most of them suffer from the ”know-it-all” disease. Too much ”know” and not enough ”Love”.  This is the big mistake the Church made in ordaining clergy. They went looking for the mastermind and not the Master ( Jesus ) himself in others who were most probably turned away because they lacked a MD or PHD in cookery or some rubbish like that.

Many vocational directors on the other hand are probably thinking. . . well . . . we have not got the funding to take a chance on someone who may not have a vocation after-all and then will dropout. That’s a rubbish excuse, because most of the guys you have taken on who were well educated dropped out in the last year and all the funding you gave them for their education went down the toilet.

And if funding is such a problem, you have a catechism, go find a room somewhere in a house or a garden shed. Give the priest this and teach him the Liturgy and what needs to be taught. Passing on knowledge costs nothing. Where there is a will there is a way and the Lord will provide. You don’t need to turn them into scholars. Christ is not looking for scholars and philosophers. He is looking for people to Love and contemplate him. True theology is not ”intellectual study” of the Lord, true theology is love and contemplation of him. Now as you all know . . . “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” But many are unwillingly grieving the Lord with the obstacles they place for those workers to be sent out into his harvest. Are you proving to be one of those obstacles?

God bless

Domestic Monk

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