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The Benefits Of Masturbation

People often talk about the benefits of masturbation. Doctors will often prescribe masturbation as something to relieve ones anxiety.

Does an orgasm help with stress and anxiety? Of course it does but so does some medication and other natural remedies that I wont get into naming here.

Will an orgasm eliminate anxiety and depression altogether? The answer is no it does not. Like medication to relieve a headache that’s all it does, it just offers relief but nothing else. There is no cure in it.

Now for peoples contention towards Catholic teaching on this subject. They argue that because masturbation offers relief of ones anxiety and like the fruit in the garden of eden, remains to be seen as something good, that this should mean it’s perfectly ok to masturbate.

”I just masturbated and nobody got hurt, the sky didn’t fall in and I continue to be a normal every day human being.”

Fine, but we’re not called to be normal because normal means you’re just following everyone else and the dictates of the flesh. We are called to become abnormal and challenge the status quo.

Lets go back to the benefits of an orgasm. Nobody argues this but the context in which an orgasm is achieved does not mean it’s the appropriate way to do so. If we were to look at it through a scientific and natural way, the spilling of ones seed is a waste. Even if you’re down at the local sperm bank, the experience of pleasure outside of it’s natural context isn’t healthy.

Why is it not healthy? Because even though the sky doesn’t fall in on us and the earth doth no quake beneath our feet, its a warping of the natural truth. That’s it and on a physical level that’s ultimately the harm it does.

The greater harm it does is that it offends God and it puts our soul in jeopardy. Only those reading this who have developed a relationship with Christ and his Church will understand this which brings me to my next point.

When I came back to the Church I didn’t have a hard time with this teaching because I didn’t think it was relevant anymore. Like anyone else sure it did me no harm and I masturbated in the morning and in the evening and whenever I felt that itch to do so. And that’s what it is for a man, a very hot and annoying itch that we feel the need to scratch.

I would literally pray a rosary at night then I’d masturbate and then go to sleep. I did that every night for a long time. All of a sudden as my relationship and desire for God grew likewise the desire to masturbate began to relinquish.

The more I prayed, the less and less I masturbated until one day I woke up and made a resolution never to masturbate again. Guess how long that lasted? Right ok.

But although our masturbation may not entirely dissipate, our understanding of it being wrong increases and so the realization that we need to confess this act that warps nature and offends all of heaven becomes the center of our attention. Why? because our relationship with God has grown and we never want to offend a friend, brother and father do we?

What have we learned in this post? That masturbation whilst it’s outcome (the orgasm) benefits our mental health, that there are loads of other methods that also benefit our mental health which does not mean we need to masturbate. The orgasm is beneficial but the way in which it is achieved actually is not beneficial as it only reinforces the warped view of sexuality and an enviroment which becomes like a hoover bag with a hole in it. It offers relief not a cure of our anxiety.

Furthermore for those of us who develop a relationship with Christ, Masturbation degrades our nobility before him. That’s right, we are of a noble lineage, a holy priesthood and so when we act outside of this it is like The prince of a country getting caught acting like a buffoon and becomes an embarrassment to the kingdom. It also means he puts his entitlement to the throne in jeopardy.

It is no different for Christians as the most horrible part about it is we put our souls into major danger when it is we behave in such a way unfitting for the kingdom so as to see us being refused entry.

Although masturbation may not be something we are able to shake off, it is better to understand it first for what it really is, and once this is achieved we will find it become like a weed that begins to fade over time with Grace. The weed may spring up every now and again in the garden but God sees our effort to go to confession and keep the garden clean of weeds. It’s this that makes all the difference.





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EXCLUSIVE: Proof Of God Found In Bible

Yes you’ve read that right, an amazing study by an anonymous Irish man with no qualifications in either physics, math or any of the sciences can confirm. Please…stop…don’t close the…wait. That’s it now just keep reading.

Here is what I found:

Romans:1:20 ”For the invisible things of him, from the creation of the world, are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made; his eternal power also, and divinity: so that they are inexcusable.”

You might be laughing real hard right now and not just you the atheist but the Christian also. However although St.Paul does not elaborate, I will try to demonstrate just how amazing his words are for the proof of Gods existence.

First of all as I’ve said in previous posts, atheists often view God as some sort of cause among many within the universe. If he is in the universe then he must be hiding behind a fridge somewhere in the remote suburb of Kansas although some natives there would argue that a six pack of beer does come close.

God however is not one cause among many but uncreated and exists outside of space and time. Phsyics knows that this is a universal law should anything exist outside of space and time it is uncreated.

Ok so we have that bit out of the way.

Here comes the next reasoning which is: Since something cannot come from nothing,  God ( an uncaaused, uncreated intelligent being ) created the universe and is the maker of space and time. Can the artist be his art? Of course not. Yet his handiwork can be recognised in what he makes.

I’ll give you an example. I am both a songwriter and a photographer. If I put one of my photographs on display in an exhibit alongside other artists people coming in will immediately recognise my art as it bears a remarkable resemblence of my handiwork.

Yet, when they look at my handiwork they see only but a reflection of me. There is a kind of invisible trace of my being on it as it was formed and touched by me. Even if they do not know me at all and look at it, immediately they wonder about it’s creator.

I cannot be the photograph yet the photograph points towards my very existence. It is the same with God. The universe he created cannot be God yet it points towards his existence and its been touched by him and like a wanderer through fresh snow his footsteps and presence are but what is left behind. This is not a messed up universe but according to acclaimed scientist one that is very finely tuned so much so that if even a fraction of such math were to be deleted life would simply cease to exist.

Ok so what separates the photographer from God? Why is it when people look at the photographers work do they wonder about its creator but when they look at the trees, bugs, birds and human life in all its complexity they choose not to wander about it’s creator.

That is because in the very same verse the inspired St.Paul continues :

Romans:1:21-22 ”Because that, when they knew God, they have not glorified him as God, or given thanks; but became vain in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. 23And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image of a corruptible man, and of birds, and of fourfooted beasts, and of creeping things.”

What is saint Paul saying exactly? He is describing a person who refuses to contribute such handiwork to an intelligent being as someone who has a spiritual disability. These are people who have chosen against this simply because they prefer the life they lead free of Gods set of commands and moral code and want to be designers of their own.

These people by the way are ordinary people in a time when there was no big science as there is today. These are not philsophers but just ordinary working people who chose not to recognise a creator and so Paul says they changed the glory of the incorruptible God in the likeness of the image of a corrupitable man.

In other words they chose to worship the material world around them and worship each other. the house, the car, the TV set, the six pack of beers in back of the fridge and the celebrity culture. All of this became their focal point of worship and they themselves reduced God to one cause among many. If he can’t be seen hiding behind the curtain he’s not there basically.

They themselves as St.Paul says are ”Professing themselves to be wise”. In other words they’re self styled philsophers and know it alls. These kind of people still exist because whilst humans physical has changed through evolution in which man has adapted to his enviroment over the centuries, his very being and attitudes havn’t changed.

So today we have the same reptitive heresies and false notions that repeat themselves again and again. the theories are cloaked in a new garment but underneath that garment lies the naked lie that has been regurgitating itself for centuries.

Scripture testifys in the best terms I’ve ever seen for the existence of God. No physics, Math or Philsophy needed at all and its right there in one verse.

Is God one cause among many within the universe? Can the pot be its maker and vice versa or is it that the pot resembles the handiwork of the creator? If so and we don’t know him certainly it would be madness not to attribute this pot to some creator?

Is it maddness that we do not attribute such a finely formed and mathematically tuned universe to a creator or is it about time we let go of our tightly gripped egos and take that leap of faith?

The proof is there alright, but question is. . . do you have faith in the proof?




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Scientist Discovers Definitive Proof For Existence of God

Video pretty much speaks for itself. famous for his string theory, Michio Kaku finding of Gods existence has stunned many in his scientific community.

The problem atheists have that I run into time and time again is that they view God as one cause among many. That God is something to be viewed within space and time amidst all the numbers but can the pots maker also be the pot?. But because Physics knows that God is outside space and time he cannot be measured by the scientific method or to be seen within it. 

Science can only lead us to the existence of God and give pointers. Then there is the problem with scientism which is the opposite of science and the belief that if we can’t see it, study and measure it within this immediate world it doesn’t exist but the laws of physics disagree with such fundamentalism. 

Another problem for atheists is they have to argue how something comes from nothing. How all this fine tuned physics and math that even if you were to remove a hair of such we would all cease to exist. They have to argue how all that finely tuned Existence of ours even down to the fraction of a hair, could come from nothing. 

But we all know that the uncreated God is a mathematician and his physics and math are music to our ears that ring out throughout the universe. Just listen to Michio Kaku explain it all for you. 

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Put Christ Into The Curriculum 

How do we put God at the heart of our teaching at home? I often find teaching a subject and talking about how this or that reflects either God or the gospel to be quite good. 

Today we took a plexiglass dish and, placing some paper towels in it and cress seeds thrown on top then soaked it all in water. We then placed it by the window. 

I explained that the water and the light is needed for it to grow.

It is at this point that introducing the Gospel can be helpful. Stories such as the seeds thrown in rock, thorns and the good soil or the one of the mustard seed that grows and the trees rest in its branches. 

I decided to tell him that we are the seeds. We are so small yet we can never grow without the Water ( church ) and light ( Grace ) of God. We need this in order to spiritually grow because only the seeds in darkness do not grow because darkness offers them nothing. The more we moisten our souls with the dew of church and prayer, the more we grow in Gods love. As much as it takes time for the seeds to reach their own true potential it is the same for us whose growth in God is a gradual process that cannot be rushed. 

I also taught him how to use his watch as a compass. Here again we can discuss how humans need a moral compass in order to find their way to Christ and the moral compass is the Gospel and just how we need to learn how to use a compass to find our way to the sweet shop,  we also need to learn how to read the Gospel correctly so that we do not fall into error and end up headed in the wrong direction. 

Try these things, they help make learning science or any subject more fun also. 

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Interpreting the Time

I have a big interest in bush craft and survival techniques. You will often find me watching ray mears or reading Lofty Wisemans book the SAS Survival Guide Book. Instead of the book I was reading it in app form on the ipad this evening. I was reading the part about the various ways in which to determine how the weather would turn out through use of watching the animals motives and formation of the clouds etc.

such study provoked me to think about the part in scripture in which he rebukes the pharisees and the rest of the world for their ability to determine the weather by studying it but failing to recognise the times at present. Lets read that passage together.

“He also said to the multitudes, ‘when you see a cloud rising in the west, you say at once, “a shower is coming” and so it happens. And when you see the south wind blowing, you say, “There will be scorching heat” and it happens. You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky but why do you not know how to interpret the present time?” – Luke – 12-54

Having pondered that for a while immediately modern man and science came to mind. Not that there is anything wrong with science, it is very useful but there is something beyond and more important than it which we are blind to and that is God himself. Here people are able to predict the weather by observing, like science, the visible world around them. What we notice is that as our ability to examine one thing in the world such as weather progresses, too does a sort of regression in knowledge of that which is invisible suddenly take place also.

We often hear that saying absence makes the heart grow fonder, but it certainly does not apply to our relationship towards God because absence and ignorance of God makes the heart grow cold. there is a sort of abandonment of thinking about God and believing we have progressed and are doing so all the time and do not need God.

within the end times we live in, which explained by many mystics such as vassula ryden for example about being understood as the end of an epoch or era and not the end of the world, many of us are too busy with our scientific tools to interpret these times and Gods work in the world, and sadly the obvious work of the devil in the world too. There is nothing wrong with science and the discoveries which have aided human beings in many ways in the medical field and beyond, pick whatever category you like. It is only when we rely and become dependent upon the visible alone do we lose sight of Christ in our hearts and in the world.

Pride sets in and we humans feel like we have finally made it to the top of the mountain and no longer need God. Like the Towers of Babel we really think we can reach the heavens and proclaim ourselves valiant over God and creation. Yes thats how far back the modern man goes. because modern man, when examined through the magnifying glass of Gods Holy Wisdom can be seen as not modern at all, unchanged and ever thinking he has progressed.

Every Empire from Egyptian to Roman thought of itself as modern and progressive. It is no different today, man has not changed. He is still able to predict and observe the weather but he cannot observe the times or the presence of Christ in his heart. Modern men, like busy working husbands, have spent too much time at the office, and have destroyed their relationship with their wives all the while overlooking the woman’s obvious pain and grief of not being able to feel their love. That is it my dear brothers and sisters, we need to ask ourselves the same kinda question. Are we focusing too much on predicting the weather ( science and study of the visible world ), and as a result of which severing our ties with the lover of all lovers, the more visible than the visible itself?

Forgive me for any typos and the bad lay out. I write now from my ipad as my laptop is broken.

God bless and have a Christ filled evening.

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