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Radical Right Wing Catholics

I’m a firm believer that if the Devil doesn’t get you with the liberal left in the Church in all its diabolical manifestation, he will surely get you with the radical right wing. Those right wing who firmly believe they are doing Gods ”Holy work”.

A Greek Orthodox friend of mine Thanasis said to me: ”Those two ways the devil is fighting is, we call them: Temptation from the left, and Temptation from the right. Temptation from the left is when the devil temps us to sin. Temptation from the right, which is much more dangerous, is when the devil gives us “holy” motives to do unholy things, when he tempts is to overdo it, go beyond our current capacities so that later we get exhausted and abandon the fight altogether, when he tempts us in pride for the “good” (we think) we did. In general, Temptation of the right is when we are heading to hell but we believe we are heading to heaven. Only humility can unmask this trickery of the devil, and humility is not easy (if even desired) for the most of us. Temptation from the Right is most dangerous because the person that has fallen for that trap doesn’t even believe he is trapped. So there will be no attempt, from that person’s part, to repent and get out of it.”

It is an interesting point and when one looks at the Lords request that we stay on the narrow path we often can wonder what this narrow path entails. To get closer to the narrow path we must avoid modernism and it’s opposition fundamentalism. Archbishop fulton sheen said something that I’ve never forgotten. He said ”The Church will always be more modern than the modernist, and more fundamental than the fundamentalist.”

This tells me that there exists what’s known as a ”Well balanced Catholic”. Now I don’t claim this title and we’ve all got something wrong with us but I do believe it’s important almost vital to ones spiritual health that we pray for the discernment of the spirits.

To be given the grace to spot very radical movements like Church Militant among others like Lifesitenews who are constantly on the attack with regards to Pope Francis is very important.

You’ve just found a renewed and fresh admiration for your faith but in the midst of your Epiphany you’re in danger of being either being pulled to left or pulled to the right and becoming radicalized.

This is why I invite people to avoid popular youtube personalities such as Michael Voris/Church Militant and ”The Marian Catechist”.

When Michael Voris first came out, I didn’t mind him all that much but then he became increasingly aggressive in tone and as I watched his audience I saw it became almost as if he was preaching to the Choir.

His Church Militant channel to date is mostly a respite for Catholics who are seeking out someone whom can help them through the storm, to have a shoulder to lean on in the midst of all this modernism and they have seemed to have found it in Michael.

I really admire his conversion story and we’ve all got one. His mother sadly fell asleep in the Lord and he was a great big sinner who experienced a conversion like none other. I do believe however that he is experiencing an Epiphany that has spiraled out of control.

The devil often deceives us like my friend Thanasis said, into believing we must do great things in order to give back to God.

Very few of us are just content with going to Mass on Sunday and praying our daily devotions. No, we must do something BIG, BAD AND BOLDDDDDD.

I know, I was there, I felt the same way. You’re not talking to the perfect, you’re talking to the man whose trodden that particular path.

In the american personality there is no other culture that likes to do things bigger than Americans and Michael went all out.

Is everything Michael says wrong, surely there is something good about his movement? I would agree that his movement could have been great but he’s turned into the religious police. Uncovering this scandal, that scandal and watching everything everyone is saying that if they slip up they better watch out because he will make a video out of it.

The thing about engaging and joining in this behaviour is that it is not spiritually healthy for the soul to be peering into this world of constant scandal and will inevitably lead you to spiritual ruin.

Michael may be getting at all the scandals but what has changed since his uncovering of them? Nothing at all. What do we gain from watching his uncovering of these scandals? Entertainment maybe but will it help us get to Heaven and help further our relationship with Jesus and his Church? No. I don’t believe it to be so.

It’s not even that he gets a lot of scandals right but his whole approach to dealing with the Scandal is wrong. Even Jesus says we must approach our brother in secret, then failing that we bring him to the Church then failing that we just leave him and let God sort him out.

However the very public way of dealing with this is not something I’m a fan of and I think it could be handled better.

I would invite people to focus on appropriate things that are edifying for the soul. Read spiritual books and seek out spiritual direction. I highly recommend Dan Burke as the more favorable YouTube personality you should be following.

He is owner of the Avila Institute for spiritual direction and a good writer. would highly recommend you subscribe to him than this radical right wing scandal seeking religious police man such as Michael Voris. Not good for the soul at all.

Remember to seek out a well balanced Catholic life, don’t lean too far to the right and don’t lean to far to the left but ask God to help you remain on the narrow path.

God bless






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