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True Life In God

I know many out there both the Orthodox and Catholics view True Life In God in a negative light. But there are also many Orthodox and Catholics who view it in a positive light. Such is the way of the Church from the beginning where many viewed Jesus in both a positive and then a negative light.

If the whole world believed we’d be a much better place but that’s never really the reality I’m afraid.

The same is true with both prophetical/private revelations. Private revelations can be ignored to the extent that they are great to look at but not really necessary in terms of our salvation, even so they require a certain amount of our respect.

But what about prophetical revelations such as Fatima? When it was ignored we had two world wars followed by Communism.

True Life In God is not just a private but prophetical revelation and like all the others it comes under fire and persecution by both the traditionalists and the modernists within the church in part because it does not preach what it is they want to hear.

All those criticisms can be answered here:

So before you think I’m going to entertain your onslaught of negativity towards it think again. My goodness how I’ve been through every argument against Vassula over the years none of which ever bore fruit of any kind.

I have come to the conclusion that True Life In God is for those who have ears to hear. You don’t wanna hear it? Change the channel, God will fall upon whom he wills.

It is not my duty to convince anyone nor is it Vassulas. True Life In God exists as an invitation to the Gods banquet and that is it really.

The messages play a big role in my life and conversion. If it were not for the messages I would not have returned to the Catholic faith and I’d be Orthodox long ago. I wouldn’t have this blog, my wife and kids and I’d be down in the pub looking for the next girl I can have a one night stand with.

It is the pillar and bulwark of my study of Orthodox Catholic Theology and became a sort of school of theology where Jesus himself taught me all about how to connect with him.

If it were not for the messages I would not be able to see the errors of both the left and the right in the church. I definitely wouldn’t and would have fallen into either of their hands but the messages kept me on the right path.

Even though in recent years I’ve wavered, the messages kept me on the loyal road. Always in the back of my mind my experience with the messages and everything that happened me was always there as a constant reminder I can go nowhere else.

I’d invite you to read them from Volume I-III at least. I have a spare copy somewhere of the complete volumes in one book if you care to take it from me all you need to do is comment, pay me only shipping via pay pal and I will ship it to you.

go to to read a brief background on Vassula.

God bless



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What Is Blasphemy Of The Holy Spirit?

You would not think it because we are free to disbelieve in Private revelation/Prophecy but when testing the spirits this is part of the measuring stick I use.

I will listen and respect someones opinion on Medjugorje or True Life In God and respect it when they don’t believe. When they say I’m not sure I believe but I await the Churches continued examination of it to be on the safe side, I’m not disconcerted by this at all. In fact it’s a good response.

Where ones fails in this test is when I see them setting up to prematurely judge Medjugorje and setting out to ”fight” it. When they mimic the pharisees and label it ”demonic”, ”from Satan” and that all the healings that took place are via ”Satan” its all his work.

When one does this (and I will leave God to judge here), they place themselves in a very dangerous position of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. St.Paul tells us in scripture that we are never to suppress the Spirit or prophecy.

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t test the spirits but to prematurely judge and even set out to fight what may and well truly be from God would mean you’re fighting God and could be in serious danger of suppressing the Spirit.

Nothing wrong with saying you disbelieve. Nothing wrong with examining something in fact that’s important but to set yourself up as the self styled theologian and to condemn and fight Medjugorje or True Life In God means your placing yourself in a difficult position like the pharisees did who blasphemed the Holy Spirit by calling his works that of the devils.

Just be careful my dear readers as quite a number of Radical right wing websites and left wing ones have been engaging in this war on Medjugorje mostly because it preaches something both of these groups don’t want to hear.

God bless.

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Video Of Vassula Receiving A Message

I thought I would post up this video for my readers and introduce you all to Vassula Ryden. As it says at the end of the video you can learn more about the Messages and Vassula at as well as

It is because of the True Life In God Messages that I am a Christian and practicing Catholic and I pray you will accept the invitation to listen to what God has to say to us all in these difficult times.

God bless


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True knowledge of God does not come from reading books

Contemplation of God is the true theology and the ultimate theology. Knowledge of God does not consist in simply reading St.John of the cross or the catechism, true knowledge of God begins with contemplation of Him, entering into a relationship with Him through prayer and Grace not just reading “about” Christ but focusing on a relationship with Him. This is why I do believe that Pope Francis has confused a lot of us Catholics with his recent statement that he doesn’t want to focus and talk about abortion, gay marriage etc etc ALL the time. Why did we get confused? Because for most of us, evangelising people seems to only work from the top to bottom, rather than bottom to top. What I mean is that we must first begin to get to know Jesus and purify ourselves through prayer and contemplation of him before we can reach and give our assent to his teaching and understanding the faith.

We need to be fed on milk before we can stomach the solids of the faith and this is the focus of Pope Francis ministry. He is not interested in preaching to the choir. He is interested in the lost sheep and he knows the only way to bring home the lost sheep is to bring people to the core of what our Faith is, and that is Love of God and neighbour. If we can only get on that first step of the ladder then climbing the rest of this ladder to the Divine becomes much easier as we go. To get into the practice of the faith first is what’s needed.

I recall my own reversion to the faith. Yes I had to read about Jesus and come to know him that way but it wasn’t reading about him that brought me home, but having a personal encounter with Him through contemplation and prayer and His Grace that did it as well. After this Encounter of the Divine everything else fell into place over a period of time as the months progressed. After reading the tlig messages and listening to Jesus himself speak to my heart through them everything else made sense ( that is the doctrines of the faith ) and all I wanted to busy myself with was pleasing The Lord.

So this is what Pope Francis is trying to ignite in those at odds with the church, he is trying to show everyone what it is they must get right first if everything else is going to make sense to them ( by them I mean the world at odds with the churches teaching ). This is the balance Pope Francis I do believe desires from us.

Allow me to leave you with an excerpt of a TLIG message from Jesus to Vassula dated June 1 2002:

“daughter, do not look behind you; as I have instructed you, theology is the contemplation to Me, your God, this is your spiritual foundation; on this foundation then are built different levels; one level contains the Knowledge of God; this Knowledge of God is acquired through Wisdom and not from books; without the Light of the Holy Spirit, God will not be knowledgeable to you but will remain hidden; yes, it is not the fruit of the intellectual mind but a divine infusion, given by grace into the soul who has been transfigured to love;”

You can read that message in full at:

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The Last Rock’N’Roll Photo Of The Domestic Monk


I have had this blog two years now and was thinking of adding a profile photo of what I look like in my about page but still unsure. However I thought I would share with you this photo of me. It is the last “rock’n’roll” photo taken of me just before my conversion. I am pretty sure during the taking of this photo the imitations of Christ book was in my pocket as I was reading that when not in the photography shop owned by my brother. I used to walk in to the Church next to the photography shop my brother owned and would sit and read Thomas a Kempis book “Imitations of Christ”. I couldn’t put it down and read it from back to front.

I had just arrived home from another country I spent some time in and I was kind of in the twilight zone with no job and no musical prospects and there was other stuff going on that I will leave out for now but suffice it to say I was as blank as a sheet of paper and fed up of my life. Whilst in the other country, I had begun to show interest in Christianity and would pray the rosary my dad sent me. I also read back to front Anthony de mellos spiritual classic “awareness”. Having come home to Ireland I was kinda lost and I began going to church, a few days after this photo was taken I ran into true life in God messages, I began to go to Mass, adoration, confession and I had a wonderful experience with the tlig messages, so much so that it would be too much for some of my readers to understand so I will keep that with me.

All of that took place in January 2008. I was 23 years old. In the picture you will see I am just out of bed…literally…and that the hairstyle isn’t really done like that on purpose. When I look at this photo today or even just now as I type, I see the old me before my conversion to the Catholic faith. My messy physical appearance pretty much reflects my soul appearance of the time, messy and out of order. Some would argue I still am like that messy and out of order haha.

A lot of things happened after my conversion. All the friends I had disappeared. All the people I used to know and hang out with are gone. Some stayed but through time disappeared as well. I guess that’s the price we pay for being Christian. Whenever I sit and moan about not having any friends to Jesus, I hear a little humorous voice echo back from the tabernacle ” Stephen, you are Christian, your not supposed to have any friends” haha and I look at the Cross and see that Jesus was abandoned by his friends too and I know it all makes sense.

Well…..there I was and now here I am.

Thanks or reading and God bless

Domestic Monk.

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God speaks when we least expect it

There is something on my mind that I have been meaning to talk about. When God spoke to me this way when I first became interested in coming back to the church it amazed me, left me speechless and as time went on I still behave speechless but I am more use to it when it happens. What am I talking about?

I am talking about those little miracles or graces God gives us to let us know he is there. For example a friend of mine once told me that he was in his living room with another friend. They both discussed divine intervention and whether or not asking God to speak to them through the Bible really worked if they opened it at random? ” do you believe it?” His friend asked with suspicion. “Of course….I believe it …..lets do it” so he told me they prayed and he opened up the bible at random and landed on a Gospel reading. He said ” hours later, we went to daily Mass, and sure enough, at the Gospel reading was the exact same Gospel reading they had landed on earlier in his living room. He was speechless.

This happened me with truth life in God as much as it did with the bible too amongst other things that I wouldn’t go into detail about. But these little unmerited graces by God are great.

Here is my own recent story concerning my wife. She was always distant from the true life in God messages. She even used to give out to me for reading them and thought they were false. Well the other night we had a big fight over something trivial. I wasn’t very nice towards her and vice versa and I stormed out. First place I went to was confession. I came home, we made up and decided to sit and pray the Holy Rosary and do it according to the true life in God prayer booklet with its selected meditations from scriptures and the true life in God messages for each mystery.

We prayed it and then at the end I open the bible at Random and we fell on Isaiah chapter 40:3-8

Now from verses 6-8 we read “‘all flesh is grass and its beauty like the wild flower’s. The grass withers, the flower fades when the breath of Yahweh blows on them. ( The grass is without doubt the people.) The Grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God remains for ever.’

So having read all that we proceed to take the complete volume set of messages compiled into one book and Audrey takes it this time and opens the true life in God messages at random. I told her to pray like I did before she does. She does this and opens them. I told her to stop and do it again because I felt she had prayed wrongly because in the course of her prayer she had asked God to give her a message that will help her and a message relevant to what she wanted to read. I said no you can’t do this, its ok to ask God for stuff but when opening the bible or tlig messages you need to allow God to work freely and not be making demands. Ask him to give you a message that he would like you to read I said. So she closed the book and did it again.

She then opened, began reading a message half ways through and off she went. She stopped for a moment and said ” how much should I read?” I replied that she could read as much or as little as she wanted and then stop to meditate on what we just heard. So she continued to read the rest of the message then she came to the part of the message where The Lord said “have you not heard? “All flesh is grass and its beauty like the wild flowers; the grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of the Lord remains for ever;”” to read that tlig message of November 9th 1994 in its entirety follow this link :

So…the most my wife got to was “all flesh is gra…..” And she stopped and said “oh my gosh Stephen I am freaking out here, I can’t believe this, we just read this in the bible” haha. I pressed her to finish it and she did but afterwards was very frightened and I told her not to be frightened and that God had given her a great Grace. She became giddy haha and she was excited because something like that never happened to her before. She was a woman of great faith but nothing quite like it ever happened. Now she has started to ask more about true life in God and wants to really read it all now.

So there you have it, God comes to us when we least expect Him to. what way has God ever spoken to you in your life? There are many ways God speaks to our hearts but how has he spoken to yours?

God bless
Domestic Monk

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True Life In God Messages Changed My Life


I would like to share with you the Divine messages that changed my life ( keep in mind they are still changing me daily ) and brought me back to the Sacraments of the Church and a relationship with Jesus, Mary, The angels, saints and other Christians both clergy and lay.

If you are interested in reading the messages either free online or in paperback format I highly recommend you read them and you can find out more about Vassula Ryden and True Life In God here:

The whole reason why I am in love with Christianity is because of these messages. I would like to therefore extend an invite to you to consider reading them also.

The above photo is one I took of the True Life In God messages volume III. They come in 12 volumes so far. I hope you will consider reading the greatest prophecy of our difficult times and maybe even pass it on to a friend.

God bless
Domestic Monk.

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The Jesus Prayer Rope


The Jesus prayer is widely used in the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Churches. There is a nice explanation of this wonderful prayer here:

The picture I have posted I took of two chotkis out of three that I purchased from Holy Mount Athos. They come in many different shapes and sizes and colours too. They come in 33 knot, 50, 100, 300, right up to 500, knots. The ones you see in the picture are 50 knot.

There are several colours they come in also as follows:

Black symbolises the mourning of sins

Red symbolises martyrdom

Blue symbolises the Mother of God,

Purple symbolises repentance

And white, Gold or silver symbolises the resurrection

The prayer used can be the short form or the long form, it doesn’t matter and is taken from scriptures and the parable of the Pharisee and the publican which can be found in Luke: 18: 9-14

9 To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: 10 “Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11 The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector. 12 I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’

13 “But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’

14 “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

The apostles prayed this prayer and it has been passed down ever since. The short form is usually Jesus have mercy on me/ Jesus have mercy on me a sinner or the long form being Lord Jesus Christ Son Of God have mercy on me the sinner.

St.Gregory of Sinai advises us to whisper the prayer in a quiet place where possible when beginning. He said that whispering calms the soul and so it does.

This prayer was prayed for a long time without any counting aid such as a chotki. Some monks used to count by throwing pebbles in a bucket in order to count how many times they said the prayer but seeing as it was meant to be a ceaseless prayer to be prayed everywhere and at all times, this practice just wasn’t pragmatic. St.Anthony the great therefore is said to be the first to have developed the chotki or prayer rope using leather. He made some knots but overnight in his sleep the devil came and undid the knots. When Anthony awoke to see this he decided to make tighter knots In the shape of little crosses. The new knots were sturdy and strong but what really kept the devil away was the sign of the Cross that they had been devised with.

Soon after this the monks used these prayer ropes a lot and to this day a monk will always be seen with one. It was very much a monastic practice but down through the centuries lay people began to pray this prayer also.

So I would invite you to consider praying this prayer and investigating further. It is such a simple prayer that even my 2 year old son is capable of praying. The way to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is through simplicity of heart and simple words and I hope you find much peace in this prayer.

Next week I hope to do one on the Holy Rosary of Our Lady

God bless.

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What Is The Study Of Theology?

I have met many I am sure who want to study theology, who are currently studying theology and seek a career in it somehow. Even I gave it a go but it wasn’t for me ( long story there, perhaps another time ) so instead just study it in the privacy of my home when I get a chance.

But many I have met on the road to college or in college, run into the biggest obstacle when studying and accepting Catholic doctrine/theology. This biggest obstacle is themselves. If our study of theology is going to be fruitful, beneficial to ourselves and society around us, we must first learn the true theology. That true theology is contemplation of Jesus Christ. It is a theology that can only be learned through action and living the Gospel. After we have developed this relationship with Jesus and there is a response from Christ of his grace, then our study ( should we choose that route in life ) will bear much fruit. Putting the study of theology before true theology is like being the blind man in the Gospel who leads other blind men and both will fall into the pit.

I am not commending myself now with what I am about to say, let me just remind people I am of the least understanding among us and the greatest sinner. The reason we have so many theologians, Bishops, priests and religious brothers and sisters who reject and even boldly challenge dogmas such as the Eucharist, the universal ban on women being priests and sadly . . . even the Churches stance on abortion, is because the study of true theology did not precede the classroom of the ordinary theology program. One could also venture to add that it did not even precede their vocation to the religous life to begin with ( remember the scripture tells us that many are called but few are chosen?. ).

The same applies for lay people. They were not nourished in the home because perhaps their parents were bitten by the bug known as ”Lapsed Catholic” and this disease if left untouched seems to just pass on generation to generation. But then when they exit the home to their local parish priest, nine times out of ten he has also been bitten in the seminary by this bug, often passed along by the modern theologians who created it in the ivory lab of worldly wisdom. Its a horrible sight isn’t it? Pitiful to look at and it must provoke us to great compassion and prayer for these souls of which I am no better.

So allow me to back up some of what I am saying by using words of the mystics and of Jesus himself. I would like it if you would consider the following qoutes. One qoute is from a mystic from the 4th century ( or thereabouts) known as ”Evagrios the Solitary” and the other is by Jesus himself as dictated to our present day mystic ”Vassula Ryden” in the messages ”True Life In God”.

Here is what Evagrios says: ”If you pray truly, you are a theologian and you are a theologian if you pray truly”.

See what I mean? You see now what it means to be a real theologian, a true doctor of the faith?

Now listen to what Jesus says in the True Life In God message of August 7 2002:

true theology, that is the contemplation to Me your God;

You can read that message to Vassula in full here

Don’t get me wrong, we all get bitten by the lapsed Catholic bug at some stage, but I hope this post will help us all stay clean and free of such a sickness. There is a cure out there to this unhealthy bug, we just need to look for it in the sacraments, prayer and a Christian way of living that can only be found in the Gospel. Want to learn theology and be a theologian? Repent. Study God truly in prayer and obeying Him and His Church and you will be a theologian.

When I write this post and read it back, I pretend as if someone is speaking it to me also, reminding myself I am no greater than anyone else. I just want to help and sometimes that can get me into trouble but the trouble is worth it.

Please pray for me.

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